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When a dispute, conflict or claim arises, our team can help achieve a successful and cost-effective resolution by a variety of means.

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What we offer

Practical advice on resolving disputes

Our dispute resolution solicitors understand that a dispute of any nature is likely to be an unwelcome distraction to the running of your business or to your life. We aim to provide you with a service which is not limited to just a technically correct answer but provides practical, commercial solutions that fit with your business.
There is no substitute for experience. Whether your case involves a straightforward debt claim or is a complex piece of commercial litigation that threatens the survival of your business, our team of specialists provides prompt solutions which minimise disruption and costs.


How our dispute resolution team works

For our commercial and individual clients, our top priority is to listen carefully to your needs and objectives. We can then look at the best options for achieving a successful and cost-effective resolution.

We also have strong relationships with a range of external professionals who can provide specialist assistance when required including barristers, expert witnesses, independent financial advisers and accountants.

We are approachable and accessible as we know how important resolving these issues is for you. We use our negotiation and communication skills to protect your interests and achieve as positive an outcome as possible.


Our experience

Our team of dispute resolution solicitors offers a wealth of experience in a wide range of matters for your firm and you, including commercial disputes, property disputes, construction disputes, shareholders disputes, professional negligence claims and contentious probate.



When it comes to funding, we understand that costs can be a significant concern for you. We can offer a number of different and flexible cost options to suit your individual or business’ circumstances.

We are unable to offer Legal Aid.


Who do we act for?

Our team has proven experience in the High Court, County Courts and specialist tribunals acting for a diverse range of clients, including public and private companies, partnerships and sole traders, private individuals, and new businesses.

Why work with us

Why choose SAS Daniels for dispute resolution support?

A team experienced in all areas of dispute resolution, committed to understanding the individual needs of the client and working to protect their interests and achieve the most positive outcome possible.

Dispute resolution frequently asked questions

View the most frequently asked dispute resolution questions that we get at SAS Daniels.
  • What is dispute resolution?

    Resolving claims, disputes or conflicts by a range of means, not always involving litigation.
  • What other methods are there of resolving disputes?

    Alternative dispute resolution involves methods such as mediation, adjudication, arbitration, or round table discussions.
  • What initial steps should I take before contacting you?

    Think about what you want, not just what went wrong. If the terms of the contract are recorded in a written document, it is essential that you obtain a copy of it and provide it to us. If the terms of the contract were not written down, write down what you think was agreed, when and between whom. Gather and place into chronological order all relevant documents (including emails) relevant to the claim.
  • How long have I got to bring a claim?

    Each claim has a limitation period, being the date by which a court claim must be commenced. While some general time limits apply, different types of claims have different limitation periods. Determining these can sometimes be more complicated than you think, and since a defendant generally has a cast-iron defence to any claim where the limitation period has expired, no matter the strength of your original claim, our team can also advise you on the applicable limitation period.
  • How much will it cost?

    To provide you with clear advice as to the likely costs and funding options available to you, we would have to take some initial details concerning the nature of your claim. We pride ourselves on the different and varying funding options that we offer to our clients. We are unable to offer Legal Aid.

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