Professional Negligence

Professionals are not infallible and for a variety of reasons, they occasionally fail to meet their obligations to their clients. If this happens, they may be the recipient of a professional negligence claim.

At SAS Daniels our specialist team have a depth of knowledge and experience in order to advise both individuals and businesses.

How can SAS Daniels help individuals?

If you have received professional services or advice which you believe was flawed then you may have a professional negligence claim. For example, were you advised to accept a settlement that was too low? Were you given incorrect information or advice that led you to lose money?

Our team have the specialist knowledge, expertise and experience to help you determine if you have a claim and to potentially recover substantial losses.

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How can SAS Daniels help businesses?

Professionals who have a particular skill or knowledge have a duty of care to their clients to perform their duties to the standard expected of a professional in their field. If this isn’t the case, you can expect to receive claims of professional negligence or even claims of a breach of contract.

Our team are dedicated and have excellent experience, expertise and knowledge when it comes to conducting complex litigation on behalf of professionals who are facing claims and helping businesses to defend these claims.

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