Dispute Resolution

At SAS Daniels Solicitors we understand that a dispute of any nature is an unwelcome distraction. Our team of dispute resolution solicitors can help you resolve these disputes by providing you with practical solutions and advice in a timely and efficient manner.

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Why choose SAS Daniels Solicitors?

When a dispute, conflict or claim arises our top priority is to listen carefully to your needs and objectives. Our team of specialist solicitors have in-depth knowledge of resolving disputes and always put the client’s best interests at the forefront of any dispute. Ensuring you receive advice which is tailored to your individual circumstances and achieves the most positive outcome possible.

Dispute Resolution – Alternatives

Often the best outcome for our clients is achieved outside of the court room, with this in mind, we always aim to negotiate an agreement with the other side before matters progress. There are many alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, which can help assist with these negotiations and help not only keep disputes out of the court room but also reduce the time and costs.

When matters do develop and require court proceedings, we have proven experience in the High Court, County Courts and specialist tribunals so you can have peace of mind that the solicitor on your side is confident in a court room and will fight your battle for you.

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