Management Buy-outs and Buy-ins

We advise management teams on their options if they are contemplating buying out of a business or buying into a business and are familiar with preparing and negotiating bespoke legal documentation to implement this. We incorporate strong team work and practical working practices to ensure we turn work around in a timely and efficient manner to exceed client expectations.

The management team of any business need to be aware of contractual and fiduciary duties owed by them to the company and our legal expertise will make sure any potential risk of breaching these duties is avoided throughout the entire process.

It can be very difficult for a management team to continue managing the business day to day while learning of all the required legal and financial steps needed in a management buy-out or buy-in. The appointment of legal advisers ensures that the day-to-day running of the business does not suffer as a result of the management team focusing on the potentially very time consuming role of managing the transaction.

Our extensive experience in dealing with all parties to such transactions, including management teams, sellers, vendors and funders ensures our approach is clear and decisive, enabling you to reach your goals by your target date.

If you would like further information on Management Buy-outs & Buy-ins, please contact a member of our Corporate and business law team today.