Pre-wedding nerves should not be ignored

Year Published: 2012

A recent survey (see Telegraph article here) has shown that wives who had pre-wedding doubts are two and a half times more likely to be divorced 4 years later than those who didn’t have any doubts. And that whilst men are more likely to have doubts before a wedding than women – it’s the women’s doubts that prove more likely to be justified.

It must be very difficult in the run up to a much anticipated wedding to work out whether what you are feeling is just understandable nervousness about the commitment you are about to make, or something more fundamental. But this survey shows it’s worth spending a bit of time trying to work that out. Whilst not underestimating how difficult it is to call off a wedding that’s been long in the preparation and high in the expense – it is much easier than going through a divorce a few years later when children may be involved and futures and finances are even more enmeshed. The sense of failure that comes with a divorce is far greater than the embarrassment of calling off a wedding.

In my twenty plus years of acting for clients going through divorce, I often hear ‘I knew we should never have married in the first place’ . Whilst hindsight is a wonderful thing, I suspect many of those people wish they had listened to their inner voice before the ceremony took place – our intuition is a powerful thing.

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