Shareholder Disputes

A dispute between Shareholders is hugely disruptive to a business. It is, therefore, important to recognise when a dispute is occurring and take early advice on the rights and remedies available. The first step is to review any Shareholders’ Agreement and the company’s Articles of Association.  These documents may include rights that can be enforced… Read more »

FAQs: Wills & Estates Disputes

Why is the terminology so confusing? To put it simply, this is because inheritance law has been around for a long time. Therefore, some of the terminology can seem archaic and even a bit scary. We explain some of the relevant terms below, but to start with: ‘Probate’ is a generic term for the legal… Read more »

Partnership Disputes

Disputes within partnerships do unfortunately happen. When they do, they are hugely disruptive to the business. Common scenarios giving rise to partnership disputes are:- Disagreements around the strategic direction of the partnership; Allegations that a partner has taken “secret profits”; Allegations that a partner is not performing satisfactorily or is not pulling their weight; Absence… Read more »

Company Restorations

Company Restorations by Court Order At SAS Daniels LLP, we understand there are a number of reasons why a company needs to be restored to the Register of Companies and that in certain circumstances, this needs to be achieved by way of a court order. Whatever the reason may be, we are able to assist… Read more »

Dispute Resolution

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At SAS Daniels Solicitors we understand that a dispute of any nature is an unwelcome distraction. Our team of dispute resolution solicitors can help you resolve these disputes by providing you with practical solutions and advice in a timely and efficient manner. Our services for you: We can advise you on a range of matters… Read more »

Fixed price debt recovery services: our costs

At SAS Daniels we provide our clients with a clear pricing structure and will make sure that any costs are discussed with you at the outset. Listed below is an explanation of our fixed price debt recovery service, SAS Collect, and the costs. Initial steps: pre-action letter The initial step of the debt recovery process… Read more »

Alleged failure to comply with the UK TSE monitoring scheme

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Our Food Regulatory team successfully appealed against the conviction of an abattoir for an alleged failure to comply with the UK TSE monitoring scheme. In this case, an abattoir was convicted of failing to hand over sheep brain samples as part of DEFRA’s infectious disease screening programme and were fined a large amount of money… Read more »