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What’s The Commercial Issue With Payment Notices And Pay Less Notices?

In the construction industry, it is normal to obtain monthly or regular payments as work progresses. So that contractors are not starved of cash during the construction phase of a project, Parliament decided that cash flow must be guaranteed. Since the case of ISG Construction Limited v Seevic College [2014] it has become accepted as… Read more »

Be careful what you wish for

It is common practice in commercial contracts, particularly in construction and manufacturing, for the parties to limit or exclude their liability or pre-determine what compensation should be paid following a breach of contract. The latter clause is called a Liquidated Damages Clause. For those of you not familiar with exclusion and limitation clauses, the former… Read more »

A green light for developers, or not?

Developers naturally just want to get on with building work to realise a return on their investment. Any delays, particularly if there is any an element of finance involved, can seriously eat into their profit margins. One cause of delays, and what can be a real thorn in the side of developers, is claims for… Read more »