The World Cup – 1 month of employee madness!

Year Published: 2010

As we are all aware the World Cup starts on the 11th June and runs until 11th July. We appreciate that most of your employees will be wanting to watch the football and take part in the festivities, however there may be one or two of your employees who take it one step too far. In light of this we have drafted a memo for you to use, should you wish, in order to advise your staff on acceptable behavior during this time. If you have any questions regarding your employees’ behavior, conduct or absence levels during this time please ensure that you contact our “Employment Department”:our-people/Employment-law

To All Staff,

As we are all aware the World Cup starts on the 11th June and runs until the 11th July 2010. We appreciate that this is very important for many of our employees and we would certainly encourage you to enjoy the event.

However; despite the festivities, BBQ’s and beer consumption that we all intend to take part in, we must remind you that it is very important to us that you attend work when you are required to do so unless you have already pre booked annual leave during this time. Any further requests for annual leave during this period will be permitted on a strictly first come first served basis.

If anyone is unable to attend work due to sickness during this time we may require you to produce a sick note from your GP to verify the reason for your absence. We do appreciate that there will be genuine sickness absence which occurs during this period, but please be aware alcohol induced vomiting and a hangover is not genuine sickness! Failure to follow the absence reporting procedures may result in this absence being classed as unauthorized and you will not be paid. We may also take disciplinary action in accordance with your contract of employment for unauthorized absences. Any sickness absences will not be authorized as retrospective annual leave.

We understand that football and alcohol tend to go hand in hand especially when the weather is nice but we must ask you to drink responsibly during this time and ensure that you are fit to attend work. Should you attend work in a condition that renders you unfit to undertake your role through either drink or drugs you will be sent home without pay. You may also be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with your contract of employment.

We sincerely apologise for having adopt this policy at this time and appreciate that it will not apply to the majority of employees, however despite the World Cup we still have a business to run and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

[We will be arranging for various TV’s to be located around company premises where the matches will be shown. Please feel free to watch these matches in your break times, lunch time and after work if you wish. Your line manager will provide you with further information regarding this arrangement]• delete if not appropriate

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