The History of SAS Daniels LLP

SAS Daniels LLP currently has four offices in Chester, CongletonMacclesfield and Stockport, with each of our teams and solicitors being easily accessible from every location. But how far do we date back and what other firms make up the SAS Daniels LLP of today? Read our history time line below to find out.

Higginbottom and White Solicitors

Formed by Ernest Higginbottom and Geoffrey White around 1950. They originally practised from offices in Great Underbank, Stockport before moving to 21 Greek Street, Stockport, which is just up the road from where the SAS Daniels LLP office stands today. Ernest’s son David Higginbottom later bought 19 Greek Street and owned the firm jointly with Philip Smith until later selling to Philip. The two also owned the office at 31 Greek Street before Sandra Sinclair bought in to the firm in late 1980’s, early 1990’s.

Sinclair Smith Solicitors

Sinclair Smith Solicitors was formed by Sandra Sinclair and Philip Smith in 1997 when the firm of Higginbottom and White Solicitors changed its name. Sinclair Smith Solicitors originally practised from offices at 19 and 21 Greek Street but moved to offices at 27 Greek Street and 31 Greek Street in 1999.

Following a merger with Ian Hamilton, the sole principal of H Bernard Brookes who were based at 43 Greek Street, the firm opened a third office at 41 Greek Street.

Sinclair Abson Smith

Sinclair Smith Solicitors merged with Abson Hall in 1999 to create Sinclair Abson Smith. The firm practised from four offices at numbers 27, 30, 31 and 41 Greek Street. A real life game of Monopoly. The firm certainly lived up to its ‘legal SAS’ reputation by posing for marketing material on tanks and even abseiling down the side of the office in suits for Comic Relief in 2000.

SAS Lawyers

Sinclair Abson Smith merged with Walls Johnston & Co Solicitors in 2002 to become SAS Lawyers. The firm quickly realised that new offices were going to be needed on Greek Street and embarked on an ambitious building project at 30 Greek Street. In September 2003 the flagship office, where SAS Daniels is today, was opened. The firm also had an office in Bramhall following the merger with Walls Johnston.

Walls Johnston & Co

Walls Johnston & Co was one of Stockport’s most long established firms and its roots can be traced back to its formation in the 1830s. The firm practised from various addresses in Stockport over the years, lastly from 19 Market Place, Stockport, prior to its merger with Sinclair Smith to form SAS Lawyers in February 2002.

The firm opened a Bramhall office in the 1950s and practised from 4 The Square, Woodford Road, Bramhall where SAS Lawyers and SAS Daniels practised until the closure of this office in 2012.

Many of the partners from Walls Johnston & Co. over the years were prominent people in the town and a number of partners were past Presidents of the Stockport Incorporated Law Society.

Daniel Ashworth & Booth

Fondly nicknamed DABs, Daniel Ashworth & Booth were originally based in Macclesfield and Congleton and arose as a result of combining the practices of SJ Potts Ashworth, T Albiston Daniel & Co and Booth Bullock & Co in the late 1960s. The firm also had offices in Holmes Chapel, Alderley Edge and Bollington throughout its history before it changed its name and became Daniels Solicitors.

Daniels Solicitors

Formed by Thomas Albiston Daniel in 1885, Daniels Solicitors operated out of offices at 8 West Street, Congleton. The previous home of SAS Daniels before moving in Jan 2015 to Riverside. The firm was passed down the family tree to son Norman Albiston Daniel and then to grandson David Albiston Daniel. Following this Daniels merged with SAS Lawyers in 2006 to become SAS Daniels.

Richard Lee

SAS Daniels merged with Richard Lee in February 2008. Richard Lee was a boutique firm based in Chester offering specialist property and commercial services to a broad base of business clients in both the North West and nationally.

Nigel Read

Nigel Read, Joint Head of our Property team and of our Macclesfield office, was formerly in partnership with Derek Berry as a partner at Blunt Hayward and Berry in Macclesfield from 1982 to 1999. He then left to form his own practice Read Law in May 1999. In 2002 Nigel took over and amalgamated Blunt Hayward and Berry with Read Law. In 2008 Nigel established the niche commercial practice Read Gibbons in Macclesfield and opened a further office in Hanley, Stoke on Trent in 2009. Nigel left Read Gibbons in April 2011 to join SAS Daniels bringing with him a substantial amount of Macclesfield based clientele and connections.

Thrasher Walker Partnership (TWP)

The Thrasher Walker Partnership was established in early 1999 by Jean Walker and Shelagh Thrasher out of a desire to provide excellent service to clients. They opened in March 1999 with no staff and operated out of two rooms in Heaton Chapel specialising in family law, litigation and property law. In 2002 they moved to the iconic Old Bank on the corner of Shaw Road and Heaton Moor Road.

Along with other local businesses, TWP were founder members of Four Heatons Traders Association, which saw more than 50 businesses in the SK4 area work together to make the Heatons a better place to live and prosper.

Following much success which included attracting city centre clients, TWP merged with SAS Daniels in July 2012.

For more information about the history of SAS Daniels or if you would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact us on 0161 475 7676.