A Roadmap out of Lockdown … and Relationships?

Year Published: 2020

The Government has now revealed the roadmap out of lockdown for the UK and getting the country back to work. For many months to come, life will not be as it was prior to the outbreak and the same principle applies for many spouses.

We have read articles in the media about how the Coronavirus has been an unexpected blessing for some couples, and how it has been a “wake up call” for many previously living in strained relationships. Some couples have used the time at home to travel the world virtually and have described how activities, such as gardening, have brought them closer together. Unfortunately, not all couples are doing better, and the pressure created by lockdown has caused some to realise that their relationship is in terminal decline.

Some couples may have used lockdown as an opportunity to address their own separation and agree their own personal roadmap out of lockdown. If spouses have discussed divorce proceedings, they may have agreed the ground for divorce and, if this is to be a behaviour petition for example, discussed the details of that behaviour which will then be drafted into the divorce petition and sent to the court.

Spouses may have also used the time afforded by lockdown to collate their financial information and agree terms of settlement. Whilst some assets may be difficult to value at present, such as businesses, property and pensions, some spouses may choose to press ahead and move forward.

If spouses have agreed the terms of settlement, it is imperative that independent legal advice is obtained to ensure that the agreement is fair and translated into a legally-binding document called a financial remedy order.. There may be some aspects of the financial settlement that spouses have not accounted for and need to be considered. A family law solicitor will help highlight and correct any omissions and be able to guide you through the process of obtaining a financial remedy order by agreement.

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