Local Authorities must hold their nerve over at-risk children

A nationally renowned lawyer specialising in cases involving children says that clear evidence is emerging that more at-risk minors are being safeguarded. The Family team at SAS Daniels LLP says they are concerned that a pendulum effect may evolve unless local authorities hold their nerve. The Family team says both statistical and anecdotal evidence is… Read more »

D-day for troubled marriages: January 12, 2009

D-day for thousands of strained relationships and marriages will be January 12, 2009. All the signs are there for more break ups than ever before, say family solicitors at Cheshire’s biggest law firm, SAS Daniels LLP – and the first Monday after children return to school is looking set to be a busy one for… Read more »

Non-matrimonial property – is it yours to keep?

How do you feel about property that you acquired prior to marriage? Are you prepared to share this upon separation or do you believe it is yours forever? This is a question which you should give careful consideration to as it could have a huge impact on your future. There is a common misconception that… Read more »

Can I exclude someone from my will?

In this country we have ‘testamentary freedom’. In other words we are supposed to be able to make the will we want to and leave our estates to whom we choose. However, the law is not that straightforward. For example, under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975, certain classes of persons can… Read more »