Preparing a will

An elderly client wanted to make a will and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) but due to a fall needed a home visit as she had fractured a bone in her leg. The medication prescribed also caused some confusion which meant we needed to review the timings of visits to catch the client at her ‘best’ and to liaise with doctors and assess mental capacity at the relevant times, to make sure she understood what she was doing and that the documents were valid and were less likely to be challenged. In addition, there was some conflict between the beneficiaries so the matter had to be dealt with sensitively to alleviate the client’s anxiety ensuring that the client was seen in isolation to avoid any accusations of undue influence in the future. The result was that the client has an up to date will and LPA reflecting her wishes and as we saw the client by herself, all the beneficiaries are satisfied that those were her own wishes.