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Important Changes To Companies House Filings

Important changes have come into effect that will alter the filings which all companies are required to make at Companies House. Currently any changes to Persons with Significant Control (PSC) are notified via the annual confirmation statement. This means that there can sometimes be a time lag of up to 12 months between the date… Read more »

Selling A Business: What Should You Consider?

When it comes to selling a business most business owners think that it is simply a case of marketing the business for sale and finding a potential buyer. However, there are a number of steps you can take in order to prepare your business and, as a result, achieve the best deal. Where to start… Read more »

Doing Business Online

The online marketplace has exploded in the past decade with many businesses taking the view that an online selling platform for their goods and services is preferable. Online trading has helped many businesses find new markets, sell new products and in some cases compete with larger businesses. However, online sales can cause problems. I always… Read more »

A Shareholders’ Agreement – why is it important to have one in place?

Any company with more than one shareholder should consider putting in place a shareholders’ agreement. Paul Tyrer a Solicitor in our Corporate team explains why it is important to have one in place. Key reasons why it is important to have a shareholders’ agreement in place A shareholders’ agreement is a very flexible document which,… Read more »

Grooming Your Business For Sale

Most business owners have an expectation of what their exit plans are for their business whether a trade sale, passing to the next generation of family or retirement. Sometimes a sale may be as a result of an unexpected opportunity to sell or simply an offer that is too good to refuse. Whatever the particular… Read more »

Your Guide To Management Buy Outs

Recent events at the Tata Steel plant in Port Talbot have brought management buy outs into the news spotlight. But what are management buy outs (or MBOs as they are more often referred to) and what is involved in the process? Paul Tyrer from our corporate team has provided a quick guide to the process and… Read more »

Limiting personal liability

In a recent article for Real Business, Kaye Whitby, Partner and Head of the Commercial team at SAS Daniels LLP explains how to limit personal liability when setting up a company. In the article Kaye looks at: Which type of trading entity is appropriate – sole trader, partnership or a company limited by shares; The… Read more »

Are you at risk when changing your company’s articles of association?

Shareholders may amend a company’s articles of association by special resolution, provided the amendment is made in good faith and, in their opinion, for the benefit of the company. The test for whether an amendment was made in good faith and for the benefit of the company, is whether a reasonable person could have come… Read more »

Do your business’s Terms & Conditions protect your position as a director?

Following the introduction of the Companies Act 2006, directors have specific duties which they must comply with in connection with the day to day running of their businesses. Breaching these duties could potentially leave a director personally liable to the company, its shareholders and possibly facing dismissal. It is therefore crucial that directors recognise where… Read more »