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Mental health in the workplace

mental health awareness

As the UK emerges from the Covid pandemic, it would be easy for employers to become complacent about mental health in the workplace. However, other pressures such as the cost-of-living crisis, events in the news and other stresses specific to individuals highlights the need for mental health awareness to remain a priority. Mental Health Awareness… Read more »

Employment Tribunal out of time claims

employment tribunal out of time

Out of time claims in the Employment Tribunal may still be considered depending on the facts of the case, as the example of Wells Cathedral School Ltd & Anor v Souter & Anor tells us. Aisling Foley examines the case in more detail. The case of Wells Cathedral School Ltd & Anor v Souter &… Read more »

Religious holidays and workplace discrimination

religious holidays

Religious holidays and workplace discrimination; Matthew Ottley considers a recent case which shows the importance of considering all faiths when implementing an annual leave policy.   Background The claimant worked as a litigation executive in a law firm which specialised in personal injury claims. He was of the Orthodox Jewish faith and a strict observer… Read more »

Did P&O Ferries break the law in making 800 staff redundant?

ferries redundancy

Did P&O Ferries break the law in the recent mass redundancy case? Warren Moores explores the situation. P&O Ferries has faced a raft of public criticism for its recent decision to sack around 800 employees, however, did that action break UK law?   P&O Ferries – mass redundancy On 17 March 2021, the ferry operator… Read more »

Covid-related dismissal

Covid-related dismissal

Is refusing to adhere to Covid-related guidelines a just cause for dismissal? More and more cases are coming through about Covid-related issues in the workplace. In the case of Convery v Bristol Street Fourth Investments Ltd, the Tribunal found that the employer should have given all the facts careful consideration before dismissing the employee for… Read more »

Changes to Statutory Sick Pay after Covid restrictions end

Statutory sick pay

What are the changes to Statutory Sick Pay after Covid restrictions end? All legal Covid restrictions in England have now ended under the Government’s “Living with Covid” plan. Whilst the focus has shifted to strategies for living with the virus, one influencing factor for the changes will most likely be that the Test & Trace… Read more »

Employee benefits and employment contracts; check the wording

Employee benefits and employment contracts

The recent case of USDAW & others v Tesco is an important reminder that employee benefits and terms when stated in employment contracts need to be very carefully worded. Aisling Foley explains.   Background   In 2007, as part of a restructure, the respondent (Tesco) closed several distribution centres and opened new ones. This meant… Read more »

Bullying, harassment or workplace banter?

bullying harrassment workplace banter

Bullying, harassment or workplace ‘banter’? Employers should be careful to act quickly on receipt of complaints around bullying and harassment, as the recent case of B Moore v Sean Pong Tyres indicates. This case also outlines the importance of robust grievance procedures and equality and diversity training for all staff.   Background The claimant worked… Read more »

Workers’ right to holiday pay

Workers’ right to holiday pay

The recent case of Gary Smith v Pimlico Plumbers Limited around a worker’s right to holiday pay is an important reminder for employers to communicate effectively around annual leave rights or potentially face financial consequences. Aisling Foley updates us.   Background The claimant was a heating engineer who worked for the respondent, Pimlico Plumbers. He… Read more »