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Menopause, Divorce and Spousal Maintenance


Menopause, Divorce and Spousal Maintenance   Menopause is a hot topic in society at the moment with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Jolie breaking societal silence around the topic. Davina McCall’s documentary Sex, Myths and the Menopause shone the spotlight on how menopause can affect the mind as well… Read more »

What to consider when cohabiting

What do couples need to think about when cohabiting? Cohabiting couple families continue to grow faster than married or lone parent families overall in the UK. The number of families that include a couple in a legally registered partnership has increased by 3.7% in the past decade, to 12.7 million; by comparison, the number of… Read more »

Debt, loans and divorce

How is debt dealt with on divorce? Are all loans taken into account by a judge when it comes to financial settlements? Claire Porter explains that it may depend on the type and terms of the loan.   Personal debt is rising   The UK Debt Statistics Report undertaken by Aryza in October 2021 reported… Read more »

No fault divorce and the new online divorce process


No fault divorce becomes law on 6 April 2022 and a new online divorce process will be launched in order to accommodate these changes. The online divorce portal will be unavailable from 31 March 2022 both for citizens and for solicitors while the Ministry of Justice prepares for the changes in legislation.   Key deadline… Read more »

Unmarried couples and legal rights: the myth of common law marriage

unmarried couples legal rights

Unmarried couples living together, are you aware your legal rights are not the same as a married couple? Cheryl Haywood in our family team explores the myth of common law marriage and outlines why you may want to consider a cohabitation agreement.   Even though the principle of common law marriage hasn’t existed since 1753,… Read more »

How solicitors can help the family mediation process


On the last day of Family Mediation Week (17 January to 21 January 2022), Claire Porter outlines what mediation is and why it can be beneficial to use a family solicitor to advise and assist alongside the mediation process.   What is Family Mediation Week? It is an opportunity to raise awareness of family mediation… Read more »

How to introduce new partners to children

Associate Cheryl Haywood comments on how best to introduce new partners to children, according to her experience in family law. Quite often, the introduction of a new partner can be a catalyst for arguments between separated parents. Ultimately, this is a matter that needs to be handled sensibly and sensitively to ensure that the children… Read more »

Relocating with children from a previous relationship

When we talk about relocating with children within family law there are generally two types of relocation: Internal relocation – where the primary carer wants to move to a different part of the UK with the children External relocation – where the primary carer wants to move abroad with the children.   Initial steps The… Read more »

Who Pays The Debts When We Separate?

One of the things that I’m asked most often when I meet a new client is who pays the outstanding debts when a couple separate? Those debts might be an overdraft, a car loan, credit card debt or even debt to a family member. The answer depends firstly upon whether you are married or cohabiting… Read more »

Is financial disclosure necessary?

financial disclosure

In a case of matrimonial separation and divorce, it’s advisable to obtain financial disclosure to make sure assets are divided fairly. Associate Cheryl Haywood outlines the reasons. If you have decided to separate from your spouse or civil partner, you may have financial matters to resolve such as how the matrimonial assets should be divided…. Read more »