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Relocating with children from a previous relationship

When we talk about relocating with children within family law there are generally two types of relocation: Internal relocation – where the primary carer wants to move to a different part of the UK with the children External relocation – where the primary carer wants to move abroad with the children.   Initial steps The… Read more »

Who Pays The Debts When We Separate?

One of the things that I’m asked most often when I meet a new client is who pays the outstanding debts when a couple separate? Those debts might be an overdraft, a car loan, credit card debt or even debt to a family member. The answer depends firstly upon whether you are married or cohabiting… Read more »

Is financial disclosure necessary?

financial disclosure

In a case of matrimonial separation and divorce, it’s advisable to obtain financial disclosure to make sure assets are divided fairly. Associate Cheryl Haywood outlines the reasons. If you have decided to separate from your spouse or civil partner, you may have financial matters to resolve such as how the matrimonial assets should be divided…. Read more »

Divorce – is bad behaviour taken into consideration?


As family lawyers we often find ourselves having to dispel misconceptions in an initial divorce appointment due to incorrect or misleading information available online. Here we discuss the most common misconception that we address, namely conduct. A common question we are asked in an initial divorce appointment is ‘If my husband or wife has cheated… Read more »

Ending a same sex relationship

separation, divorce, ending a relationship

If you are in a same sex relationship and you feel that the relationship has come to an end, there are various options available to you. For ending a same sex relationship, the separation process largely depends on whether you are cohabiting, in a civil partnership or married.   Cohabiting couples The law for cohabiting… Read more »

Transgender change of name

Transgender change of name – How do I change my name when I no longer identify with my birth name? For many transgender people, a change of name is an essential and symbolic part of their transition. If you are transgender or non-binary you may already be using your preferred name, and this may have… Read more »

Lesbian same sex parenting – will we both be legal parents?

Zoe Worthington offers her commentary on the legalities of lesbian same sex parenting and the question of legal parents. There is a fundamental difference between ‘a legal parent’ and having ‘parental responsibility’.  is therefore important that you and your partner are aware of these concepts prior to conceiving, as the method in which you conceive… Read more »

Civil partnership or marriage for same sex couples?

Civil partnership or marriage? Our family team considers the legal differences. Same sex couples have been able to enter civil partnerships since 2005 and marriages since 2014. With the Methodist church voting this year that same sex marriages are to be welcomed, this now allows same sex couples to marry in the Scottish Episcopal Church,… Read more »

What happens to the farm on divorce?

farm divorce

Divorce is never an easy process to navigate but when a farm is involved, finances can be difficult to resolve. Divorce amongst the farming community is often high; this could be down to stress and strain arising from poor work/life balance and cash flow difficulties. On divorce, the farm will be classed as a financial… Read more »

No-fault Divorce from 6th April 2022


There has been a lot of publicity in recent years regarding the possibility of a no-fault divorce process. After years of campaigning, the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act will finally bring about the change that many legal professionals have been waiting for. The government has now committed to 6th April 2022 for the introduction of… Read more »