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What’s The Best Way Of Introducing New Partners To Children?

You have navigated the divorce and managed to sort out the finances whilst maintaining a civil respect. You have agreed the arrangements for the children without solicitor’s intervention. Your co-parenting arrangement is working well, and you and your ex are getting on better now than you have in years. So how do you approach the… Read more »

How Are Assets Split When Short Marriages Breakdown?

If the marriage is only a short one, say one or two years, are the rules any different? In a divorce, the court will not look back over the course of the marriage and attempt to mathematically calculate the financial input of each spouse. It’s improbable each spouse will have paid in an identical amount… Read more »

Post-Christmas Period And Divorce: How Can It Be Kept Amicable?

It’s a well-known fact that divorce lawyers experience a peak in consultations post-Christmas. In some cases this is due to a parents desire to preserve a last unspoiled Christmas for the children before proceedings are issued. In other cases the Christmas period acts as the final straw due to: Christmas parties, which can prove an… Read more »

Adultery As A Reason For Divorce: What Do You Need To Know?

To divorce on the basis of adultery, a spouse must establish that the other person has committed adultery and that they find it intolerable to live with them. It is not possible to issue divorce proceedings on the basis of your own adultery. How is adultery defined in the law? Adultery is defined as the… Read more »

Parental Alienation: How Can It Affect A Child?

The majority of parents manage through the turbulence of divorce to prioritise the emotional needs of their children by maintaining a civil manner and respect for one another, and allowing children permission to enjoy their time with the other parent. However, the court system remains challenged by cases of parental alienation and parents who are… Read more »