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Finances In Divorce: The Courts’ Approach

Divorce is a daunting prospect. Anxiety is heightened by fear of the unknown and worry for the future. With this is mind, it may help to have an idea of the approach the courts take when considering finances in divorce. What will the courts consider? The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 helpfully lists the courts’ considerations…. Read more »

No Fault Divorce: Is It About Time The Law Changed?

The Office for National Statistics have recently released statistics regarding marital breakdown for the year 2015. Do these figures reflect a need for the law to change and support a no fault divorce system? In total there were 101,055 divorces of opposite sex couples and 22 divorces of same sex couples in 2015. This suggests… Read more »

Is The Stress Of Divorce Causing Ill Health?

Angelina Jolie has revealed in this month’s Vanity Fair magazine that the stress of divorce and her split from Brad Pitt caused her physical health problems including Bell’s Palsy. This follows media reports last week which focused on the 2017 Alzheimer’s International Conference in London. The AAIC 2017. The studies presented at the conference confirmed… Read more »

Do You Need A Pre-nuptial Agreement?

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Many brides-to-be rely on a month-by-month checklist starting 12 months in advance of the big day. Such checklists will remind you to book your photographer, wedding cars and honeymoon, and to buy your wedding dress, flowers and wedding rings. However, very few (if any) prompt you to look into… Read more »

Divorce And The Farming Partnership

The financial issues that arise when a couple reach the stage of divorce are never easy to resolve. When those issues involve a farming partnership the division of assets and the need to meet the financial requirements of both parties can quickly become a complex case. The start point for any effective negotiation in a… Read more »

Financial Disclosure And Preserving Assets In Divorce

The issue of false or incomplete financial disclosure within divorce proceedings has recently been revisited in a High Court case. During this case, the Screwfix tycoon, James Goddard-Watts was required to pay his wife an additional £6million, six years after their divorce. The wife successfully argued that the initial financial award of £7million was based… Read more »

What’s The Cost Of Divorce?

According to research, divorce enquiries are predicted to rise more than 300% in January. It seems that many people hold off meeting with a solicitor until after the Christmas celebrations. Maybe they don’t want to spoil the event or they also want one last Christmas as a family. So, if Christmas turns out to be… Read more »

Child Maintenance: Do You Have To Pay?

It has happened to sports stars, rock stars, actors and the average person in the street. One night stands are surprisingly common. It’s estimated that approximately 45% of sexually active adults have had a one night stand. Some of which have resulted in a life changing event – a baby! But did you ever think… Read more »

Who’s The Daddy? – Your Guide To Parental Responsibility

Following on from my previous blog, “Who’s the daddy?”, which featured comments on the latest Bridget Jones film. Many of us have now had the opportunity to watch it and were left guessing as to whether the father was Mark or Jack. It wasn’t until the penultimate scene where all was revealed. We saw Bridget… Read more »