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Pre-Nuptial Agreements – What Are They and How Do They Work?

A common question raised with me is whether pre-nuptial agreements exist in English law, and more importantly, are they worth the paper they are written on? In short, the answer to both of these questions is yes! A pre-nuptial agreement is a bespoke document drawn up before marriage to state what happens to a couple’s… Read more »

Divorce- Fairness and Financial Independence

Divorce- the misunderstandings Divorce is always a daunting prospect.  There is often the fear of the unknown and worry for the future.  Generally, it is a common misconception that financial provision on divorce favours the wife. There is no starting presumption that the wife should be provided with greater financial provision than the husband, however… Read more »

Parental Alienation: Where Subtle Negativity has an Impact

Father’s day is a time to acknowledge the importance of Fathers. For most, it is a day of recognition and togetherness. However, for some, the day may be an unhappy reminder of time lost with their children or a time to recognise the signs of parental alienation. When a relationship between adults fails, any number… Read more »

Strategic ways for funding a divorce or a financial settlement

Many people feel trapped in an unhappy marriage unable to move on as they simply don’t know their options for funding a divorce, believe they cannot afford to pay for a divorce or fund the cost of obtaining a financial settlement. The aim of this article is to offer practical advice explaining both traditional and… Read more »

The Difficult Decisions: Dementia and Divorce

In 2014 the Alzheimer’s Society published a study on the increasing prevalence of dementia in the UK. It found that 1 in 14 of the population aged over 65 are suffering with dementia and 40,000 people living in the UK have early-onset dementia. These statistics raise many questions about the care available for patients but… Read more »

Remarriage: how does it affect your Will and who inherits your estate?

In modern society our family circumstances are more diverse than ever. Increasing numbers of people are considering remarriage and a new term ‘blended’ families has been introduced for those households bringing up children from previous relationships together. When your family circumstances change it is imperative to consider the position of your Will. Recent research has… Read more »

Changing a child’s surname: what’s the process?

Changing a child’s surname is more common than you might think, particularly when parents are newly married, separated or were not married at the time of the birth. The process of changing a child’s surname varies depending on who’s involved and the arrangements which are in place. The process if a child arrangements order is… Read more »

Digital divorce: a sign of the times?

The Facts about digital divorce: On 4 January 2019, the Ministry of Justice confirmed that litigants-in-person (people who are not legally represented) had submitted more than 23,000* digital divorce petitions to the HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) since its online portal had opened on 1 May 2018. It would appear that the recent festive… Read more »

Splitting up? How will your business continue after divorce?

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal 42% of all marriages now end in divorce. With 5.7 million small and medium sized enterprises in the UK in 2017, these figures suggest divorce could impact a significant number of businesses and individuals. On setting up a small business, often for tax purposes, it… Read more »