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New HMRC Trust Registration Service: What Do You Need To Know?

HMRC announced new reporting requirements for trustees who are responsible for Trusts with tax consequences and have also launched a new Trust Registration Service. These updates follow the new EU Money Laundering Regulations and mean that the majority of Trusts which require reporting must submit data by 5 December 2017. But what information is required,… Read more »

Adultery As A Reason For Divorce: What Do You Need To Know?

To divorce on the basis of adultery, a spouse must establish that the other person has committed adultery and that they find it intolerable to live with them. It is not possible to issue divorce proceedings on the basis of your own adultery. How is adultery defined in the law? Adultery is defined as the… Read more »

Japanese Knotweed: How Can It Affect Your Property?

Japanese Knotweed is a fast growing plant that is known widely for its aggressive effects on property. During the summer months it can grow as much as 10-20cm per day and is capable of cracking through concrete and cavity walls as well as pushing up through drains. Although we are now heading into the winter… Read more »

Residence Nil Rate Band: Has It Made A Difference?

Since April 2017, the Residence Nil Rate Band for inheritance tax has been available to claim. The new allowance was announced in 2015, and over the months that followed, many questions were asked about how exactly the new rules would work. So six months on from the date of introduction, what does this mean for… Read more »

The Vigne Decision: A New Glimmer Of Hope For Business Property Relief

A recent court decision, the Vigne case, has given a glimmer of hope for taxpayers hoping to qualify for Business Property Relief from inheritance tax. Business Property Relief (BPR) offers significant tax savings, often 100%, so it is obvious why taxpayers are keen to maximise this relief where possible. The Vigne decision, upheld the claim… Read more »