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Is long Covid classed as a disability?

In our ongoing series of employment law case studies, Katie Hodson discusses the recent case of T Burke v Turning Point Scotland in the Employment Tribunal. Long Covid was accepted as a disability in this case under the Equality Act as it meant the employee could not carry out his normal duties. Background The claimant… Read more »

Social media and confidentiality policies

Do contacts on social networks belong to the individual or company?

Employment case study: Matt Ottley talks about a recent case in which an ex-employee argued that he did not misuse confidential information or breach a previous contractual obligation in continuing to utilise contacts made via a social network after leaving his employment. It’s a useful reminder to employers to put into place up to date… Read more »

What is a clean break in a divorce?

The term ‘clean break’ relating to divorce is one that we use frequently in family law, but what does it actually mean and would it be appropriate in your particular circumstances? A clean break essentially means that separating parties walk away from the marriage with no financial obligation towards the other. This means that you… Read more »

Disability-related dismissal

McKenzie v University Hospitals of Leicester NHS

Disability-related dismissal: in the latest of our employment law case studies, Aisling Foley considers the recent case of McKenzie v University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. The tribunal found that the claimant was unlawfully dismissed for reasons relating to her disability. It’s a reminder to employers to make reasonable adjustments to level the playing field… Read more »

Employment case study – effective investigations


The case of Callaghan v Lidl Great Britain Ltd illustrates the importance of conducting thorough investigations based on robust evidence and also of making reasonable adjustments for any employee with a disability.   Background The claimant had worked for Lidl from 2017 until her resignation in 2019. The claimant had made complaints to her employer… Read more »

Breastfeeding employees and the law

breastfeeding employees law

Breastfeeding employees and the law; what should employers do to support staff? Failure to provide sufficient space for employees to breastfeed or express breastmilk may constitute sex harassment, as this Employment Tribunal case suggests.   Background The claimant worked as a teacher in a school. The school failed to provide a private space for her… Read more »

TRS – do you still need to register your trust?

Trust Registration Service – do you need to register your trust?

If you still need to register your trust under the Trust Registration Service (TRS), the deadline has been extended. Helen Kelly explains. Earlier in the year, we discussed the Trust Registration Service (TRS) and the additional regulations that came into force on 6th October 2020 as a result of the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD)…. Read more »

The importance of a Will review – keeping up to date

will review

Helen Gowin explains the importance of a will review and keeping them up to date. Many of us put off making a Will, particularly when we are younger, but when we do get round to putting one in place we often assume that it’s a document which only needs to be made once. It is… Read more »

Care Home Fee Inflation

care home fee

As care home fee inflation increases, Genevieve Powrie considers the shortfall in funding and the issues that it could cause for residents.   Care residents face many financial challenges, including extremely high fees, top up fees, limited choice in available homes, shortage of staff to care for them, and a large price discrepancy between socially… Read more »

Menopause, Divorce and Spousal Maintenance


Menopause, Divorce and Spousal Maintenance   Menopause is a hot topic in society at the moment with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Jolie breaking societal silence around the topic. Davina McCall’s documentary Sex, Myths and the Menopause shone the spotlight on how menopause can affect the mind as well… Read more »