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IKEA reduces sick pay for unvaccinated staff

ikea sick pay

Should employers look at reducing sick pay for unvaccinated staff to save costs or to encourage vaccination? Senior associate Warren Moores takes a look at the legal impactions around this issue. IKEA found itself on the receiving end of social media backlash when it announced today that it would pay statutory sick pay (SSP) only… Read more »

Work from home now a legal requirement in Wales

work from home wales

Work from home in Wales is now a legal requirement; the Welsh Government has now made it mandatory for employees to work from home unless they are unable to do so, scrapping what was originally just guidance.   In fact, they have gone further than that and brought in fines for anyone who goes to… Read more »

UK Omicron restrictions: what should employers be aware of?

What do the new UK Omicron restrictions mean for employers? Charlie Wood takes a look at what may need to be considered. The emergence of the new Omicron variant has taken us all by surprise with the rate at which it is spreading. Unfortunately, this has meant the need for the government to once again… Read more »

How to introduce new partners to children

Associate Cheryl Haywood comments on how best to introduce new partners to children, according to her experience in family law. Quite often, the introduction of a new partner can be a catalyst for arguments between separated parents. Ultimately, this is a matter that needs to be handled sensibly and sensitively to ensure that the children… Read more »

Inheritance tax and excepted estates – new regulations

excepted estates

New regulations for excepted estates come into force in January. This aims to simplify the inheritance tax process.   When someone dies and their executors need to apply for a grant of probate it is currently necessary to complete an Inland Revenue Account and file a legal statement with the Probate Court.   If the estate… Read more »

The new Social Care White Paper – smoke and mirrors

social care white paper

The new Social Care White Paper– how much could I really spend on care fees before I reach the cap? Associate in the elderly, care and mental capacity team Genevieve Powrie examines the new cap on social care costs. On Wednesday 1st December 2021 the Government published its Social Care White Paper which followed the… Read more »

Office Christmas parties: is Christmas cancelled?

The Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, has said there is no need to cancel office Christmas parties despite the emergence of the Omicron coronavirus variant, with people urged to get a booster vaccine. However, NHS Providers said some NHS trusts have asked staff ‘not to mix in big groups’ in the run-up to Christmas. 2021 has… Read more »

Medical conditions and the disciplinary process

medical conditions

Medical conditions and the disciplinary process; the case of Dytkowski v Brand FB Ltd is an important reminder for employers to consider an employee’s medical condition when following a disciplinary process, especially when it comes to possible dismissal.   Facts The claimant was type 1 diabetic. Since his diagnosis, there had been a number of… Read more »

Relocating with children from a previous relationship

When we talk about relocating with children within family law there are generally two types of relocation: Internal relocation – where the primary carer wants to move to a different part of the UK with the children External relocation – where the primary carer wants to move abroad with the children.   Initial steps The… Read more »

Employment Law and the Gig Economy: What Happened in the Addison Lee Case?

gig economy - taxi driver in car

Following our blog on the Uber case in March 2021, we consider the Court of Appeal’s recent decision in Addison Lee Limited v Lange and Others and the implications for businesses operating in the gig economy. Key Facts Addison Lee provides private-hire taxis and courier services. The company provided their drivers with induction, training and… Read more »