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GDPR for Trustees and Executors: How have they been affected?

We’re five months on from the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and many people have been asking what effect the new data protection rules have had for those acting as Executors and Trustees, and is there anything they should be doing going forward? The effects of GDPR for Trustees and Executors: As part… Read more »

Ground rent concerns? Things to consider for tenants

There has been a lot of concern recently, in the media, with regards to the effect of clauses in people’s leases that relate to the payment of ground rent. I deal with leasehold flats and houses on a daily basis and I am increasingly noticing that a lot of leases carry onerous clauses that affect… Read more »

Can you receive compensation for injury to feelings in all detriment claims?

Compensation for injury to feelings may now be awarded in a far wider list of claims than previously thought following a decision made by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). Previously, compensation for injury to feelings has only been available in discrimination claims, whistleblowing detriment claims, and trade union membership or activities detriment claims. However, the… Read more »

Partnership Disputes: How to avoid them

A recent case (Wild v Wild) has highlighted again the need for farmers to be clear about how the farming assets are held. Whilst putting a partnership agreement in place is the last thing farmers want to think about when they’re busy getting on with the day job, it can have a big impact in… Read more »

Smartphones in schools: should the UK ban them?

Smartphones in schools are a bug bear of many teachers and parents with pupils using their phones during class and becoming distracted from their lessons. Following, the recent news that France have banned mobiles from primary and middle schools, the question many are asking is: should the UK go as far as other countries and… Read more »

Change to HMO Licence criteria: what you need to know as a landlord

From 1st October 2018 the HMO Licence criteria will change. This will affect many landlords as they need to be aware of when a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) Licence is mandatory and the housing standard conditions within the licence. At present, a HMO Licence is required where: At least five tenants forming more than one… Read more »

How to extend your lease: the process from start to finish

The area of Lease Extensions is a rather complex area of law and not for the faint hearted, there are a variety of pitfalls such as locating the “Competent Landlord” in the first place, negotiating the terms of your extension and how to navigate the court’s involvement should an agreement not be reached. The following… Read more »

Stamp Duty changes in November are you impacted?

On 27th November 2018 the criteria for the “replacement of previous main residence” exemption from higher rates of Stamp Duty for purchases of additional residential property is changing. This is of particular relevance to anyone who owns residential property as investments or buy-to-let’s, has previously sold their main residence and is currently living in rented… Read more »

A Teacher’s Responsibilities v Childcare Requirements: Who Wins?

This issue of balancing childcare requirements with a teacher’s responsibilities seems to crop up more and more these days in schools, colleges and academies across the country. The recent case of Bradley v London School of English & Foreign Languages has highlighted the questions of what policies should be in place? Can these be challenged… Read more »