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Debt Recovery: What Are My Pre-Action Obligations?

Unfortunately, many of us will often find ourselves in the situation where we are owed money. One way to resolve this is to take Court action. However, if you do not comply with your pre-action obligations before going to Court, this can result in sanctions being imposed. So, it is vital to know what these… Read more »

Gross Misconduct: Horror Show To Pupils Cost The School £646,000

The Court of Appeal has ruled that an English Teacher, P J Grosset, who was dismissed for showing a horror film to pupils was discriminated against because of his disability. Mr Grosset, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, has been awarded a reported £646,000* following his dismissal from Joseph Rowntree School in 2014. What happened in… Read more »

Disputes Over Payments: How Can You Prevent And Resolve Them?

It doesn’t matter how busy your business is if customers are not paying for goods and services supplied in accordance with the agreed terms. After all, we all know that when it comes to business cash is king. How can you take steps to minimise the risk of your business’ growth and profitability being damaged… Read more »

Estate Administration: Falling Out Over The Family Silver

When a loved one dies without a Will it is often left to the immediate family to start the estate administration, sort out the funeral and secure the valuables of the person who has died. If there are tensions within the family and siblings don’t get on, this can cause problems as decisions need to… Read more »

Bar On Filing For Divorce Within One Year Of The Marriage

Divorce proceedings cannot be commenced within the first year of the marriage, however challenging the circumstances. The courts understand the first year of marriage can be a difficult one, and the bar on divorce operates to dissuade parties possibly giving up too soon. However, some marriages do irretrievably breakdown within this period. What can you… Read more »

How To Restore A Company To The Company Register

There are various reasons why you may want to have a dissolved company restored to the Company Register. You may want to continue trading with the company, or you may want to make a claim, take receipt of a payment from a debtor or complete a lease or property transaction. There are two methods by… Read more »

How Can You Challenge A Divorce Petition?

It is always deeply unpleasant to be on the receiving end of a divorce petition. Few respondents (the person who has received the divorce petition) accept the tenor of particulars detailing incidents of alleged unreasonable behaviour. Most perceive them to be overemphasized embellishments exaggerated by a spouse who spuriously seeks to claim emotional distress over… Read more »

New Electronic Communications Code: How Are Landowners Affected?

The Electronic Communications Code from 2003 has long been criticised for being unfit for purpose and for holding back the roll out of new telecommunications technology. Finally, on 28 December 2017, it was replaced and the new Electronic Communications Code (‘the New Code’) came into force. In this blog, I will look at three areas… Read more »