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Discretionary Trusts: Don’t Wait For A Family Dispute To Happen

A recent case about a family farming partnership has highlighted the need to take independent legal advice, even when a solicitor is advising the family and everyone is getting on well at the time. Without it you could be shocked by the result of future disputes, particularly when it comes to assets left in discretionary… Read more »

How Can You Claim A Refund On Your LPA Application Fee?

The Ministry of Justice have today, Thursday, 1st February, announced that they have launched the OPG fee refund scheme. This means that many people can now claim a refund for their Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) application fee. Who is entitled to a refund? If you made a LPA or an Enduring Power of Attorney… Read more »

How Can An Overage Agreement Protect The Future Value Of Your Land?

We are regularly asked to deal with the sale of land where an overage agreement is required. The first question is, what is an overage agreement? Essentially, such an agreement contains an obligation on the buyer of land to make a further payment to the seller in the future when a certain event, known as… Read more »

How Are Assets Split When Short Marriages Breakdown?

If the marriage is only a short one, say one or two years, are the rules any different? In a divorce, the court will not look back over the course of the marriage and attempt to mathematically calculate the financial input of each spouse. It’s improbable each spouse will have paid in an identical amount… Read more »

Music Copyright Laws: The Song Remains The Same

In light of recent highly publicised legal battles, many people’s heads were already swimming with the legalities and complexities of songwriting disputes as reported by the mass media. Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke lost their case against the estate of Marvin Gaye over the writing of “Blurred Lines”, Ed Sheeran settled a dispute over the… Read more »

Are You And Your Family Missing Out On Important Succession Planning Advice?

Recent research carried out by Brewin Dolphin with Opinium* discovered that 47% of UK adults surveyed have never discussed passing on their legacy. Unfortunately by not taking professional advice on your succession planning, your family may pay more inheritance tax on the legacy they receive from you. A consultation with a legal advisor could help… Read more »

Post-Christmas Period And Divorce: How Can It Be Kept Amicable?

It’s a well-known fact that divorce lawyers experience a peak in consultations post-Christmas. In some cases this is due to a parents desire to preserve a last unspoiled Christmas for the children before proceedings are issued. In other cases the Christmas period acts as the final straw due to: Christmas parties, which can prove an… Read more »

Person Thought To Be Self-Employed Wins Backdated Holiday Pay

A recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) case between Mr King and The Sash Window Workshop has raised eyebrows between employers and raised the issue that if a worker is not provided with paid annual leave, that right will carry over until the worker has chance to take it. This could leave employers open to… Read more »

How Can You Help Elderly Residents Avoid Financial Abuse?

Financial abuse of the elderly is rapidly escalating and it is estimated that one in every six people over the age of 60 will fall victim at some point. How are the elderly targeted?   Whilst there are many rogue traders, conmen and scammers who will prey on the elderly and vulnerable, it is an… Read more »