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Advanced Dementia: It Might Not Be Too Late To Make A Will

You may be surprised to learn that it is possible for someone with advanced dementia, severe debilitating mental health needs, or even a person in a coma to have a Will made for them. This can be done through a Statutory Will, which is a Will made on behalf of someone who has lost mental… Read more »

Trees Obstructing A Highway: Am I Responsible?

If there are trees obstructing a highway or shrubbery causing an obstruction, the highway authority has statutory powers to compel the landowner to remove the obstruction and order them to pay for the cost of the removal. These powers are pursuant to the provisions of the Highways Act 1980. They can also force an owner… Read more »

Elder Abuse Within Care Home Settings

A care home can undoubtedly be a safe and nurturing environment, reducing the risks and isolation which independent living can bring to more vulnerable elderly people. A good care home should not be judged by its furnishings or décor (although often this can be important to many), but instead by the staff and the quality… Read more »

Whittaker’s Whimsies: April 2017

Employers are consistently put under pressure with the rules and regulations of employing members of staff. What’s wrong with using the word Easter? Can your HR Manager make the decision for you? Is dismissal the right or wrong answer? Our Senior Partner, Jonathan Whittaker, answers your questions on the latest news and employment law topics… Read more »

Leasehold Extension Explained

If you own a flat you will no doubt be paying ground rent or a yearly figure towards the leasehold for the property. Each leasehold has a set number of years and as this number decreases so does the value of the lease, making it harder to sell the property. You can look to extend… Read more »

Apprenticeship Reforms: What’s Next For Schools?

It’s no secret that the government has been working with employers to further increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in England. The current apprenticeship reforms are designed to focus on the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are required for the workforce of the future. They also aim to give the employer more control over… Read more »

Inheritance Dispute: Ilott v The Blue Cross And Others, The Final Chapter

The long awaited judgment for the final instalment of the inheritance dispute case, originally named Ilott v Mitson, has been received marking a u-turn towards testamentary freedom. In other words, the liberty a person has to dispose of their estate in whatever way they choose. What has happened in this inheritance dispute case? The claim… Read more »

Should Holiday Pay Include Commision?

It’s the end of the line for British Gas who have been refused permission to appeal to the Supreme Court in the long running, holiday pay and commission case of Lock v British Gas Trading. What has happened in the Lock v British Gas case? In 2012 Mr Lock issued a claim against British Gas… Read more »