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A Day In The Life Of A Work Experience Student

My name’s Megan Aldred and I recently spent a week on work experience at SAS Daniels’ Congleton office. I am a student at Congleton High Sixth Form currently taking law as one of my A levels and am attracted to a legal career and understanding how the law gives people regulations in their lives which… Read more »

Selling Farmland For Redevelopment

Our Agricultural Law team are often approached by clients who are considering selling farmland for redevelopment or who have been approached by developers. Understandably there are lots of questions surrounding this topic. James Goddard, our Senior Property Associate who specialises in agricultural law, has answered a few of the frequently asked questions below to help… Read more »

What Are Settlement Agreements And When Can They Be Used?

Settlement Agreements are commonly used to end an employment relationship in a mutually agreeable way. They are often used in situations where an employer and employee feel their relationship has broken down and whilst employers tend to make the initial proposal, either party can make the first move. A Settlement Agreement can also cover non-employees…. Read more »

Why Failure To Follow The Share Buyback Procedure Can Prove Costly

The ability of a private limited company to purchase its own shares is a tried and tested method of providing an exit route for shareholders who are looking to cash in their investment, or who may be compelled to sell their shares following the termination of their employment, or as a result of death or… Read more »

Why Should I Appoint A Guardian For My Children?

Appointing a guardian in your Will enables someone you trust to take care of your children if the worst should happen to you. It also gives important rights to that person so that they can make key decisions regarding the future of your children. If both parents have parental responsibility, the guardianship will not take… Read more »

Who Gets The Dog: How Is The Custody Of Pets Decided In A Divorce?

As unlikely as it may sound for a nation of animal lovers, in English law, animals are defined as personal chattels. This puts them in the same legal category as linens, furniture, books, and jewellery during the divorce process. When you start considering the custody of pets, there is not just the emotional impact of… Read more »