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NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding: When do my care fees get paid?

Recent publicity following the BBC drama “Care” has brought NHS Continuing Healthcare funding into the spotlight. NHS England reports that 77,741 people were found eligible for Continuing Healthcare funding (CHC) during the nine month period to 31st December 2018. These patients are eligible for all of their care fees to be paid by the NHS,… Read more »

Remarriage: how does it affect your Will and who inherits your estate?

In modern society our family circumstances are more diverse than ever. Increasing numbers of people are considering remarriage and a new term ‘blended’ families has been introduced for those households bringing up children from previous relationships together. When your family circumstances change it is imperative to consider the position of your Will. Recent research has… Read more »

Selling or buying a business in a Management Buyout (MBO)

When owners reach a decision to sell their business often the first assumption is to market their business for sale to a third party buyer. But more often there is an alternative option lying nearer to home. A Management Buyout (or MBO) is a common way to sell the ownership of a business to an… Read more »

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and when is it used?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is commonly used to protect confidential information being disclosed either publically or, in the commercial sense, to a competitor. They explain what information must remain confidential and under what, if any, circumstances the information can be used or disclosed. They can often be presented to employees at the start of their… Read more »

Disciplinary investigations in schools: beware of the pitfalls

Disciplinary investigations in schools are the foundation of any disciplinary proceedings. The investigation needs to be both fair and reasonable, impartial, and the accused must have the opportunity to comment on relevant documents and evidence. The recent case of Mr M Whittaker v Governing Body of Sutton Oak Church of England Primary emphasised the importance of… Read more »