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What is Passing Off?

The law of passing off exists in order to prevent a business from misrepresenting its goods or services as being, or having an association with, the goods or services of another business. Whilst action for trade mark infringement can be taken where a trade mark has been registered, the law of passing off aims to… Read more »

Divorce Cases On the Rise

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that divorce cases are on the rise as the number of divorces filed in 2019 saw an increase of 18.4% from the preceding year, the largest annual percentage increase in the number of divorces since 1972. It is presumable that this increase could be accounted for by the… Read more »

Office Christmas Parties: Celebrating in Lockdown

virtual office christmas parties with man in santa hat on laptop screen and present on desk

2020 has been a strange and difficult year for the majority of people. Not only have we experienced the unfortunate loss of loved ones, but we’ve also had national and local lockdowns restricting us on where we can go and what we can do. Decisions will also need to be taken on how Christmas is… Read more »

Tighter Timescales for Submitting a Furlough Claim

Much tighter timescales for submitting a furlough claim with HMRC have been announced. In short, the claim has to be submitted within two weeks of the end of the previous calendar month unless there is a reasonable excuse for failing to make a claim in time. Between the dates of 1 July 2020-31 October 2020,… Read more »

Delays at the Probate Service

delays to the probate service

According to a Conservative MP and probate solicitor, John Stevenson, the Probate Service is now more backlogged than it was two years ago. Despite more funding and an injection of more financial and human resources, Mr Stevenson claims that the system has deteriorated. What Is Causing Delays at the Probate Service? The alleged problems have… Read more »

How Powers of Attorney Can Help During COVID-19

lonely man in care home - how might power of attorney help

The re-imposed lockdown restrictions have meant that it is now even more difficult to physically visit loved ones in care homes. We have all heard upsetting stories on the news about people being isolated, and even being “stolen” from care homes because family members are so desperate for unrestricted contact with their loved ones. In… Read more »

Avoiding Bad Debts & Maximising Credit Control

man with credit card avoiding bad debts

The current climate will inevitably result in a large number of unpaid invoices. In order to avoid this and maximise credit control, it is important to strengthen your position from the outset. Jodie Sumner, Debt Recovery Executive, provides her expert guidance on avoiding bad debts. Considerations for Unpaid Invoices When unpaid invoices are referred for… Read more »

The Future of HR in a Post-Pandemic World

Over the past nine months, working practices have changed radically for many organisations and these changes are likely to have a long-term impact. Working from home requests, mental health issues, and flexibility are set to be key HR themes for the future – but what else should HR consider moving forward? Remote Working The pandemic… Read more »

FAQs: Child Arrangements Order

happy single father and child following successful child arrangement order in place

Cheryl Haywood, Family Associate, answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Child Arrangement Orders. What Is a Child Arrangements Order? A child arrangements order is an order of the court setting out who a child shall live with and spend time with. For example, where two parents have separated and there are disagreements… Read more »

British Airways GDPR Breach Fine Reduced due to COVID-19

GDPR breach by hacker

In summer 2019, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued a notice of intent to fine British Airways (BA) more than £183m for a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The fine was calculated by reference to BA’s total global turnover and was an example of the ICO wielding the additional powers conferred on… Read more »