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Debt Recovery: The Importance of Complying with Pre-action Protocols

checking pre-action protocols from list

Whilst businesses are keen to pursue amounts that are owed to them in the quickest possible time, pre-action protocols for the recovery of unpaid sums are in place to ensure that various obligations are met before Court or Insolvency action is considered. Pre-Action Protocols for Business to Business When a sum of money is due… Read more »

Ageing Well Without Children: How Can a Professional Attorney Help?

Ageing Well Without Children (AWWOC) was launched to provide advice and guidance to those who are concerned about growing older without children, whilst also helping with the tasks that become increasingly difficult as we age. Whilst having children is certainly no guarantee that they will be able to (or, in some cases, want to) provide… Read more »

Property Remedies Under Lockdown: What Landlords Can Do?

what can landlords do if tenants breach other lease terms?

Whilst the Coronavirus Act 2020 currently prevents commercial landlords from obtaining possession against their tenants for non-payment of rent, this does not apply to other breaches of lease terms. Ray Woodward, Senior Associate in our dispute resolution team, outlines what landlords can do during lockdown to obtain possession if tenants are breaching other terms of… Read more »

Case Study: The Sale of a Derelict Farm During COVID-19

sale of a derelict farm

James Goddard, Partner, gives an example of how our Commercial Property team dealt with a recent sale of a derelict farm, despite the COVID-19 difficulties. Our Commercial Property team acted in the purchase of a derelict farm for a client and negotiated the terms of an overage agreement. An overage agreement contains an obligation on… Read more »

Death of a Joint Owner With a Mortgage

man dealing with death of a joint owner with a mortgage

If you own a property with other people, the way you own it together will be important no more so when one of the owners dies. If there is a mortgage on the property, further complications may arise as to who takes over the debt. A property can be owned jointly – either as joint… Read more »

Pay Now or Pay More Later: The Cost of Not Writing a Will

Last Will and Testament paper documents to make a Will

Failure to plan for death can have catastrophic consequences for a spouse or partner, both emotionally and financially, which go far beyond what the deceased may have intended to happen. The remedy for the family left with no protection due to the deceased not writing a Will, would be that they are forced to apply… Read more »

The Public Procurement Regulations 2015 Summarised

Regulations book

The Public Procurement Regulations 2015 (‘the Regulations’) govern the purchase of goods, works and services by the UK government and other public bodies (some contracts are specifically excluded or subject to a ‘lighter touch’ regulatory regime). There are five different prescribed procedures that must be followed when a contract governed by the Regulations is awarded… Read more »