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One small step for ministers, one giant leap for child maintenance

As the government have recently acknowledged the “long-term failure” of the current child maintenance system, they have also made two important announcements – they have now committed to ensuring that firstly, more parents receive adequate financial support and secondly, that this support is more effectively enforced. The first announcement is to bring the Child Maintenance… Read more »

Get the full picture on apprenticeships

There is no doubt that apprenticeships have benefits for both employers and young people looking for work, providing much needed employment and skill. More and more businesses from large corporates to SMEs are taking up the idea. Recent research showed that some 92 per cent of employers who take on apprentices believe that the scheme… Read more »

Landlords urged to initiate a formal lease

Times are still tough so it’s easy to understand the temptation for landlords to do everything possible to fill an empty property. Allowing a tenant to move into a property before a lease is in place is one way to avoid losing an interested tenant, but landlords should bear in mind that by doing this… Read more »

Mediation in family separation – a way forward

Last year, the Government introduced a protocol under which any person wishing to issue family proceedings, would be required to attend an initial meeting with a mediator, known as a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting). It was hoped that by requiring people to meet with their former spouses/cohabitees before proceedings commence, that many matters… Read more »

Let the buyer beware in a commercial contract, as exclusion clauses are upheld

A recent High Court decision in Air Transworld Ltd v Bombardier Inc has illustrated why having an effective exclusion clause incorporated into a business contract can be the simplest and cheapest type of protection and insurance against potential liability. In this case, an aircraft supplied by the Defendants developed a serious fault after delivery. The… Read more »

If you’re separating but not intending to divorce – take note

If you do not have a pre-nuptial agreement and you are separating, have you given any thought to the legalities if you do not to intend to divorce? Many couples who separate choose to draw up informal agreements between themselves indicating what they wish to happen in the event of their future divorce or just… Read more »

Cameras permitted in UK courts for first time

It is expected that radical changes to the law to grant permission for television cameras to film the sentencing of criminals in court will be included in the Queen’s speech on 9 May 2012. A change in the law is required because cameras are forbidden in court under the 1925 Criminal Justice Act and the… Read more »

Are three parents better than two?

A recent Court of Appeal decision has confirmed that a child will clearly gain by having two parents and the addition of a third parent is not necessarily a disadvantage. In the case of A –V- B & C a lesbian couple wished to have a child and a gentleman, named “A” offered himself as… Read more »

Who owns your body when you’re gone?

Some people don’t mind what happens to their body after their death but for others where, when and how they are buried or cremated is of great importance to them and their family. The recent case of Ibuna v Arroyo considered some difficulties arose over who had the right to decide the deceased’s funeral arrangements…. Read more »