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Care Home Fee Inflation

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As care home fee inflation increases, Genevieve Powrie considers the shortfall in funding and the issues that it could cause for residents.   Care residents face many financial challenges, including extremely high fees, top up fees, limited choice in available homes, shortage of staff to care for them, and a large price discrepancy between socially… Read more »

Residential care homes and the LGBTQ+ community

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Genevieve Powrie considers the unique challenges for the LGBTQ+ community when it comes to residential care homes. The challenges – are there LGBTQ+ care homes? It can be daunting to move into full residential care at any stage of life and from any walk of life. In some cases, it can particularly be so for… Read more »

Advice on making a will for a LGBTQ+ client


Helen Gowin, partner in our wills and probate team, offers some commentary on making a will for a LGBTQ+ client. If you lose your partner whatever the nature of your relationship, it is hard enough to cope with the loss but there are some things you can both do in advance which may ease matters… Read more »

Advance Decisions – Why Are They Important?

advance decisions

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly forced many people to be confronted with the reality of life and death. It has made people aware of the importance of taking action in order to ensure that their own lives are in order, addressing legal loose ends that may have been previously put off, such as Wills, lasting… Read more »

Digital assets after death

digital assets

What happens to data on a phone or device after someone dies? Helen Gowin, Partner, reports on a new service from Apple that enables loved ones to retrieve digital assets after death. Most people have a mobile phone or device and store their information in a cloud-based service. Their digital ‘assets’ may be a wide… Read more »

Being Prepared for the Unexpected Death of a Business Owner

succession planning, unexpected death

Planning for an unexpected death of a business owner is a sobering affair and may not be at the top of the list of priorities. However, putting in place some sensible arrangements could make things run more smoothly when family and business colleagues will be focused on grieving rather than sorting out some emergency measures… Read more »

Can You Rectify a Will If a Mistake Has Been Made?

If a mistake has been made in a Will, then an application can be made to the Court to rectify a Will under the Administration of Justice Act 1982. If the Court is satisfied that the mistake has been made because of a misunderstanding of instructions or a clerical error, then the Will can be… Read more »

Why Is It Important to Consider Beneficiaries in a Will?

Signing Document

During one of my recent client meetings, I asked my client who they would like to appoint as their beneficiaries in the event of a family tragedy. Subsequently, the client called me ‘Vicky Armageddon Timothy’ as, understandably, the thought of planning for a tragedy is not a nice one and one that is often disregarded…. Read more »

“Finding Derek” – Why Lasting Powers of Attorney are so Important

Document for Lasting Powers of Attorney

The documentary made by Kate Garraway titled “Finding Derek” aired recently and brought to light why having Lasting Powers of Attorney in place is crucial to protect yourself should an unexpected crisis occur. Justine Clowes, Partner and Head of Private Client Group, highlights the benefits of making a Lasting Power of Attorney and how this… Read more »