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LPAs and why you should have one

According to a recent report by Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE), a national organisation representing legal professionals specialising in helping people plan for later life,  88% of people in the North West are currently living with no control over important later-life decisions surrounding their housing, assets, health and care. The report also reveals that whilst… Read more »

Facebook legacy: what happens after death?

The importance of considering your digital legacy continues to grow as more and more individuals increase their online presence in both financial and personal aspects. Reflecting this, Facebook has recently introduced the option of appointing a ‘Legacy Contact’. This is someone who you nominate to look after your Facebook account after your death. Vanessa Callison-Burch,… Read more »

Should you use a Will writer?

In a recent Mail on Sunday article, Journalist Tony Hetherington talks about the ‘merry-go-round of misery’ he has seen caused by a number of Will writing companies who claim to help clients but then go bust taking client’s money with them. The problems Tony has encountered are not uncommon but it is rarely reported because of the… Read more »

Should I take up my role as an executor?

If you find yourself in the position of being asked to act as an executor of someone’s estate when they die, you will have one of three choices: Take up the appointment Renounce the appointment Have power reserved to you if there is another executor who can act instead You may feel an obligation to… Read more »

Deeds of Variation – will they stay or will they go?

Earlier this year the media gave a little dig at the Miliband family for utilising Deeds of Variation and although the documents were not abolished in the July Budget, a consultation was opened to review the use of the document for tax purposes. This consultation is due to close on 7 October 2015. What are… Read more »