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Property held in Trust: who’s responsible for the up keep

Property held in Trust is a great way to safeguard the property and avoid the lengthy and potentially costly probate process on death. For the trustees who hold the property it is important to consider any potential risk factors, your obligations and the health and wellbeing of the beneficiary residing in the property.  There is… Read more »

Arguing over a Will: The 5 most common reasons

When a loved one passes away it is a very difficult time but this feeling can be made worse if the provisions of the Will are unexpected or there is conflict between the families over the distribution of the estate. There has been a surge over the last few years in claims arising out of… Read more »

Grant of probate application fees set to rise

Reforms to increase the cost of a grant of probate application are set to be implemented by the government. First discussed in 2017, the fee increase is now set to take effect in April 2019. What are the fees for a grant of probate application?   The current application fees are fixed at £215.00 for… Read more »

GDPR for Trustees and Executors: How have they been affected?

We’re five months on from the implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and many people have been asking what effect the new data protection rules have had for those acting as Executors and Trustees, and is there anything they should be doing going forward? The effects of GDPR for Trustees and Executors: As part… Read more »

Partnership Disputes: How to avoid them

A recent case (Wild v Wild) has highlighted again the need for farmers to be clear about how the farming assets are held. Whilst putting a partnership agreement in place is the last thing farmers want to think about when they’re busy getting on with the day job, it can have a big impact in… Read more »

Why Should I Appoint A Guardian For My Children?

Appointing a guardian in your Will enables someone you trust to take care of your children if the worst should happen to you. It also gives important rights to that person so that they can make key decisions regarding the future of your children. If both parents have parental responsibility, the guardianship will not take… Read more »