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Partnership Disputes: How to avoid them

A recent case (Wild v Wild) has highlighted again the need for farmers to be clear about how the farming assets are held. Whilst putting a partnership agreement in place is the last thing farmers want to think about when they’re busy getting on with the day job, it can have a big impact in… Read more »

Why Should I Appoint A Guardian For My Children?

Appointing a guardian in your Will enables someone you trust to take care of your children if the worst should happen to you. It also gives important rights to that person so that they can make key decisions regarding the future of your children. If both parents have parental responsibility, the guardianship will not take… Read more »

Estate Administration: Falling Out Over The Family Silver

When a loved one dies without a Will it is often left to the immediate family to start the estate administration, sort out the funeral and secure the valuables of the person who has died. If there are tensions within the family and siblings don’t get on, this can cause problems as decisions need to… Read more »

Removing A Trustee Who Has Mental Capacity Issues

Many people take on the role of trustee either professionally or as a trusted family member or a friend. The role of a trustee can go on for many years and it is not uncommon for someone to lose mental capacity and therefore need to remove a trustee who has mental capacity issues. When an individual… Read more »

Can I Challenge A Will?

Administering an estate is not always straightforward and concerns can be raised by both the beneficiaries and the executors of a Will. Below are a few of the frequently asked questions and their answers to help you through the estate administration process and understand when you can challenge a Will. I have been left out… Read more »