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Wills To Reflect The Modern World

The law governing the making of Wills dates back to the 19th century. The age of the population has increased since then, dementia is widespread but our medical understanding of mental capacity has advanced. Family units have also changed, second marriages, children from previous relationships and cohabitees are now more common. Our estates are getting… Read more »

Attorneys And Deputies: What Are They And Which Is Best?

Lasting Powers of Attorney came into the media spotlight recently following a revelation by recently retired Court of Protection Judge, Denzil Lush, that he would personally never make a Lasting Power of Attorney. He explained that he prefers the Court of Protection Deputyship option instead, because it is more tightly regulated. So what is the… Read more »

Business Property Relief: Do You Qualify?

Business Property Relief (BPR) provides relief from inheritance tax on the transfer of relevant business assets. It was established to provide the UK’s SME sector with some protection in the event of the death of the principal shareholder. Its aim was to help companies and beneficiaries to continue trading when faced with an inheritance tax… Read more »

Claudia’s Law: Guardianship For Missing Persons

Every year a staggering number of people go missing. Estimates are around 250,000. Most disappearances may only be short term but for some families the disappearance of a loved one can last for a significant period of time, or even indefinitely. Aside from the obvious unimaginable, emotional trauma that these families go through there are… Read more »

Succession Planning For Farmers: Top Tips For Getting Things Right

Helen Gowin, Estate Administration & Probate Partner, looks at succession planning for farmers and gives her top tips for getting things right. A good starting place is to consider the historical structure of the farm, and review who currently manages the finances and how roles are defined. Considering and documenting these aspects will help to outline… Read more »

Increase In Probate Fees Cancelled

The much anticipated hike in probate fees, which was due to take effect in May, has been dropped following the announcement that there will be a snap General Election on 8th June. The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that there is insufficient time to push the legislation through parliament before the election. This has led… Read more »

Advanced Dementia: It Might Not Be Too Late To Make A Will

You may be surprised to learn that it is possible for someone with advanced dementia, severe debilitating mental health needs, or even a person in a coma to have a Will made for them. This can be done through a Statutory Will, which is a Will made on behalf of someone who has lost mental… Read more »

Elder Abuse Within Care Home Settings

A care home can undoubtedly be a safe and nurturing environment, reducing the risks and isolation which independent living can bring to more vulnerable elderly people. A good care home should not be judged by its furnishings or décor (although often this can be important to many), but instead by the staff and the quality… Read more »