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Choosing A Care Home: A Step By Step Guide

Going into residential care is far from inevitable – statistics show that only 16% of those aged 85 or over live in a residential care setting*. For some it is a freely made choice to enter a residential care setting, bringing peace of mind and a respite from house bound isolation. For others it will… Read more »

Why A Lasting Power Of Attorney Is Just As Important As A Will

A year or so ago Mr. and Mrs. Smith* came to see me. Mr. Smith was sadly suffering from mild (early stage) Alzheimer’s disease and as a result of her husband’s ill health Mrs. Smith had given up work to look after him. Given the drastic fall in their monthly income, their home had become… Read more »

The Life And Death Matter Of A Will

I once had a client who signed his Will on a Friday and then very sadly took his own life that very weekend. I was a Trainee Solicitor at the time and I remember the total shock and disbelief I felt on hearing the news that following Monday morning. Whatever mental anguish my client had… Read more »

Positive Ageing: Take The Worry Out Of Growing Older

We are constantly bombarded with negative messages relating to the ageing process. Whether it’s the crisis in social care funding, the increasing rates of dementia diagnosis, the prevalence of loneliness or the generic health issues which typically come with growing older. A quick look at the language associated with ageing compounds the doom and gloom:… Read more »

No Further Funding For Social Care As Winter Approaches

Most people will be aware that there is a financial crisis affecting social care for the elderly. Unfortunately the recent Autumn Statement did not bring any good news for the social care system. No extra funding was made available. Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director, of Age UK commented: “The Government’s failure to provide any respite for our… Read more »

Making A Will: Does Yours Reflect Your Wishes?

It’s not unusual to see headlines stating that almost three quarters of the population die without making a Will. However, sometimes it’s not enough just to make a Will. You should ensure the Will correctly distributes your estate and meets your wishes. You should also make sure that it reflects your current circumstances and is updated… Read more »

Care Homes Are at Risk of Closure

It is never far from headline news that care homes are struggling to make ends meet or that the care industry as a whole is underfunded and at the brink of crisis. Recent research conducted by BBC Radio 4 has made the headlines by stating that a quarter of care homes, registered with the Care… Read more »