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The Importance Of A Building Contract

Are you thinking of building a purpose built home to meet all of your needs, dreams and desires? If so, making sure that your home comes in on time, to budget, and is all that you expected, will be top of your list. One way to help with this is by putting a building contract… Read more »

New Electronic Communications Code: How Are Landowners Affected?

The Electronic Communications Code from 2003 has long been criticised for being unfit for purpose and for holding back the roll out of new telecommunications technology. Finally, on 28 December 2017, it was replaced and the new Electronic Communications Code (‘the New Code’) came into force. In this blog, I will look at three areas… Read more »

How Can An Overage Agreement Protect The Future Value Of Your Land?

We are regularly asked to deal with the sale of land where an overage agreement is required. The first question is, what is an overage agreement? Essentially, such an agreement contains an obligation on the buyer of land to make a further payment to the seller in the future when a certain event, known as… Read more »

Business Rates And Property Developments: Mixed News For Property Developers

For property developers it’s been a mixed bag of news with recent cases reflecting both positive and negative decisions for their industry. Business rates for property developers – the positive news: Following the recent business rates revaluation many businesses are reeling about the new rates they will have to pay from 1 April 2017. Developers… Read more »

Unregistered Land And Unclaimed Land: How To Register Or Claim It

Since the compulsory registration of land became a requirement under the Land Registration Act 1925, and later the Land Registration Act 2002, the presence of unclaimed or unregistered land in the UK has rapidly decreased. According to sources at the Land Registry more than 80% of land in England and Wales is now registered. Within… Read more »

Developing Land: What Are Your Options?

If you are fortunate enough to be a landowner, you will require guidance on how you can maximise your returns when the time comes to sell part or all of your land holding. If you are selling land that has potential for development, it is worth knowing that you can negotiate a conditional uplift in… Read more »

Beware The Break Clause

The recent case of Riverside Park Ltd V NHS Property Services Ltd [2016] is a stark reminder of the need to comply fully with any pre-conditions for exercising a break clause. The conditions in this case were firstly, that at least six months written notice must be given. There was no issue with this. Secondly, the… Read more »

Agricultural Law Association has launched in Cheshire

In March I had the honour of launching a new Cheshire division of the Agricultural Law Association (ALA). This association will help professionals within Cheshire who are involved in rural or farming work through networking and bringing businesses together. It will also act as a source of education and point of reference for those needing… Read more »