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Managing Stress When Preparing for the Reopening of Schools

managing stress at school

With the full re-opening of schools only days away, it will come as no surprise that some education staff may be concerned about returning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst many businesses have been operating fully for a number of weeks, schools have not functioned fully since March this year. Therefore, it will come as… Read more »

Property Remedies Under Lockdown: What Landlords Can Do?

what can landlords do if tenants breach other lease terms?

Whilst the Coronavirus Act 2020 currently prevents commercial landlords from obtaining possession against their tenants for non-payment of rent, this does not apply to other breaches of lease terms. Ray Woodward, Senior Associate in our dispute resolution team, outlines what landlords can do during lockdown to obtain possession if tenants are breaching other terms of… Read more »

How to Make an Inheritance Claim If Reasonable Provisions Were Not Provided

Losing a loved one is always difficult, whether it was expected or not. That heartache can be compounded even further if their will, or the rules of intestacy, have failed to make ‘reasonable provisions’ for you. Nicola Moulds, Dispute Resolution Associate Solicitor, discusses how you may be able to make an inheritance claim if you… Read more »

New Trends in the Agriculture Industry due to COVID-19

As we face a constant stream of news, focusing mainly on the COVID-19 pandemic, it is sometimes difficult to separate the negative headlines from positive trends. The Agriculture industry is one of the most important industries affected by constant changes and challenges caused by COVID-19. However, it has also brought about new opportunities. Food is… Read more »

Is Wishing Someone Happy Birthday an Act of Age Discrimination?

In short, no. This stems from the case of Ms. H Munro v Sampson Coward LLP where the Employment Tribunal had to consider whether comments regarding Ms Munro’s 50th birthday amounted to age discrimination and harassment. Ms Munro also claimed that she suffered a detriment and was dismissed on the grounds of whistle-blowing. In relation… Read more »

Residence Nil Rate Band: Has It Made A Difference?

The Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) is an additional inheritance tax allowance which can be utilised by those who have a residential property and wish to leave this to their direct descendants. This includes children, grandchildren, stepchildren and even widows, widowers and civil partners of descendants in certain circumstances. On 6 April 2017, George Osborne… Read more »

Selling your house? Essential documents you should provide

Gathering the right documents for your Solicitor at the start of selling your house could save time, delays and expense. Providing your identification documents (ID) and instruction forms quickly will enable your solicitor to open a file for you and conduct their compliance checks. Gather your funding information at the outset. Solicitors are required by… Read more »

Enhanced Maternity Pay – Is This Discriminatory?

In May 2018, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) reported that international professional services company, Capita, paid its female employees enhanced maternity pay – however the same was not offered on the rates of pay for paternity or shared parental leave (SPL). The EAT held that this was not discriminatory, however the case was subsequently sent… Read more »