Changes to the DBS Check: How will they affect your school?

Year Published: 2019

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) changes implemented on 1st August 2019 saw the introduction of a withdrawals policy. This policy means that DBS will no longer amend enhanced DBS check applications — made after 1st August 2019 — where missing or incorrect information has been identified in particular fields (detailed below). The applications in question will simply be withdrawn instead.

For Applicants

The following field is affected:

  • Section C – Five-year address history

Applications found to have missing address information will be withdrawn and a new application will need to be submitted.

For Registered Bodies

This applies to both paper and e-bulk applications and relates to Section X:

  • Question X61 – Position applied for (for registered bodies)
  • Question X66 – Home-based checks (for registered bodies)

Where there are errors in these areas of the application, the application will be withdrawn and a new one will be required.

In all of the above scenarios, there will be no entitlement to a refund and the DBS will write to the Registered Body that submitted the application to inform them of the withdrawal. They will not contact the applicant, so this remains the responsibility of schools themselves.

For Applications submitted prior to 1 August 2019

The DBS will continue to apply amendments for these applications.

What are the impacts of the changes to the DBS check?

For both registered bodies and applicants, the changes mean that ensuring the enhanced DBS application is correct is more important than ever before. You should carefully check everything on the application to ensure it is correct as failing to do will cost you both time and money and cause an unnecessary delay to your recruitment process.

How to avoid your application being withdrawn

  • Ensure that you advise applicants needing an enhanced disclosure of the changes and make sure that full and detailed information on all addresses they have resided at in the last 5 years are declared in Section C.
  • Consider passing the cost of the second enhanced DBS onto the applicant where omissions in Section C occur. This may prove a valuable tool to ensure the appropriate information is detailed in the application.
  • Carefully review the detail you submit as the Registered Body in Section X and ensure you have completed it fully.

If you would like further advice or information regarding the changes to the DBS check, contact our Employment team on 0161 475 7676 or email [email protected].

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