Child Support Agency rolls out new gross income scheme to more families

Year Published: 2013

We have previously provided an update about how the Child Support Agency (CSA) is changing the way it calculates child maintenance. Click here to see ‘The CSA pilots new gross income scheme’ article. Until the end of July this new calculation only applied to families with four or more children.

From Monday, 29 July 2013 the new gross income scheme started to apply to the following applications:

  1. To all new applications made on or after Monday, 29 July 2013 where there are two or more qualifying children with the same parents, where there is no existing claim in relation to other children with the same parents;
  2. An existing case where the non-resident parent is assessed to pay maintenance to parent A (their previous partner with whom they have had children) and then is assessed to pay maintenance in a new case to parent B; (another previous partner with whom they have had children);
  3. An existing case where a non-resident parent is assessed to pay maintenance and they are a partner of another non-resident parent in a new case where either of them would be assessed to pay the flat rate of maintenance, if they are in receipt of a relevant benefit.

The new income scheme is complicated and care must be taken to apply the correct figures. You should utilise the on-line calculators provided by the CSA and if in doubt take specialist advice.

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