COVID-19: Isolation and Domestic Violence Concerns

Year Published: 2020

The home is often seen as a place of safety, but the Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime made a statement today, sadly but not surprisingly, confirming that they are preparing for an increase in serious domestic violence incidents due to the current Covid-19 UK lockdown.

It is expected that new incidents of domestic violence will arise due to growing stresses caused by job losses, financial worries, health concerns and the physical proximity of families. Those that have experienced domestic violence for some time will be feeling fearful at the prospect of being isolated for three weeks or potentially more without the ability to leave and seek help. We have therefore provided some advice to those who may be concerned during these difficult times.

Advice for Domestic Violence Concerns in the Household

  • Familiarise Yourself with the Silent Solution System

If you feel that you are in a dangerous situation and need urgent help from the police, you should call 999. If you are unable to speak, you should then press 55 once you are connected to the operator. This will trigger the call to be forwarded to your local police force.

  • Seek Advice from a Domestic Violence Organisation or Charity

Inevitably, some services will be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. However, Women’s Aid will continue to provide advice and support via their online chat service and email. Other local organisations will also continue to provide vital support throughout this difficult time. Government guidance produced on Covid-19 advises that refuges will remain open until Public Health England or the Government advise otherwise.

  • Removal of Your Partner from the Household

 An occupation order can be obtained through the Family Court and if successful, this would exclude your partner from the household. It will also provide reassurance that your home will be a safe space. A non-molestation may also be sought which will prevent your abuser from carrying out harassing and threatening behaviour towards you, breach of such an order would result in arrest.

SAS Daniels can provide you with advice on seeking these orders. We remain able to provide advice to all of our existing clients as well as new clients that may need advice on domestic violence.

For further advice or help on domestic abuse in the household or other family-related matters, please contact Zoe Worthington on 0161 475 1234 or email [email protected].

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