Divorce rate down and other interesting statistics

Year Published: 2011

The latest facts and figures regarding divorce in England and Wales have just been published and make interesting reading.

The recession continues to bite, forcing many couples to stay together for financial reasons and the number of couples living together rather than marrying has also had an effect on the number of divorces.

The number of divorces in 2009 was the lowest since 1974 and the sixth consecutive year that the rate has fallen*. The average length of marriage is also falling and the highest proportion of divorces is in the age group 25-29 for both men and women.

*Approximately one fifth of marriages now includes one person who has been divorced previously*, double the rate in 1980. *More women divorce their husband for Unreasonable Behaviour* than any other ground. *Men tend to opt for waiting for 2 years and then divorcing by consent*.

As the president of the Family Division Mr Justice Wall has come out in favour of changing the law to provide better for cohabittees, will the divorce rate continue to fall? After all, if you can obtain the same rights by living together, why bother to marry?

Obviously it is a personal choice and for many the idea of living together without marriage is unthinkable.

Either way, SAS Daniels can help you, with Pre Nuptial agreements, Cohabitation agreements and if the worst comes to the worst, advice and assistance for divorce.

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