Is collaborative family law the best choice for me?

Year Published: 2015

Collaborative family law is not for every client or indeed every lawyer but it is worth considering if some of the following is important to you:

  • You want a dignified non-aggressive resolution of the issues;
  • You and your partner have children and wish to reach a resolution by agreement with their needs and interests being your priority;
  • You do not wish to incur the costs and animosity generated by court proceedings;
  • You would like to keep open good relations with your partner in the future;
  • You and your partner have extended family and a number of friends to whom you would both wish to remain in contact in the future;
  • You value retaining control over decisions about your financial arrangements or arrangements in relation to the children but with advice from experts;
  • You do not wish to ‘hand over’ decision making to either your lawyer or to a court;
  • Your main aim in the process is not to ‘seek revenge’ on your partner;
  • You need the assistance of a lawyer to help you negotiate in face to face meeting.

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