What is a 4-way meeting?

Year Published: 2015


  • A ‘4-way’ meeting is where you and your partner sit in a meeting with your collaborative lawyers to discuss the issues you wish to resolve;
  • An agenda is set before the meeting by your collaborative lawyers taking into account the issues you both wish to discuss;
  • You and your partner have a duty of full and frank disclosure. You both provide all documents within the process;
  • Correspondence between lawyers is discouraged, thereby keeping costs and acrimony to a minimum;
  • Discussions focus on the needs and interests of you, your partner and the children;
  • Meetings are arranged at the start of the process without you having to wait for court dates. Provided all the participants enter the process in good faith, the process is faster, cheaper and less acrimonious than the court proceedings to reach a resolution;
  • You and the lawyers can work as part of a group of professionals, including counsellors, mediators and child and financial specialists to draw on the skills of other professionals to assist you and your partner in the process;
  • For issues requiring expert opinions (for example an accountant to give tax advice or value a business) the collaborative team will normally jointly instruct independent consultants, following discussions with you at the ‘4-way’ meeting.

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