How Local Businesses Stand To Benefit As The Redevelopment Of Stockport Gets Underway

Year Published: 2017

Law firms are all competing for prime locations and the best lawyers and while we’ve always known the many benefits of being based in Stockport, the investment that’s currently being ploughed into our town centre means it’s unlikely to remain Manchester’s poor relation for much longer.

With excellent transport links and road connections as well as being only a stone’s throw from the centre of Manchester, the new look Stockport has a lot to offer as a business location with lower living and commercial costs than the city.

So much change in Stockport shows that the economy really is booming and current developments such as Redrock and the Stockport Exchange are starting to make the town a far more attractive place for people to work and set up businesses. As a local law firm who can trace its history in Stockport back to the 1950s, we already know it’s a great base, and with the current rate of developments, it has the potential to become one of the North West’s most thriving business hubs.

The transformation around the train station means that visitors to the town, including potential business prospects and our clients, now have hotel facilities just a short walk from our office on Greek Street, making traveling into Stockport for business purposes a more pleasant experience.

What’s more, as Stockport becomes a more attractive place to live and work it means that exciting legal talent no longer needs to base themselves in the city centre. They have access to great career opportunities and locations to work, without the hustle, bustle and expense of commuting into the city centre each day. This in turn attracts the right sort of staff to our business.

Capital investment from the council will attract businesses into Stockport which is good for us as a firm as it will bring business to us. Furthermore, the Stockport BID (Business Improvement District) and some of the partnerships working with them and the council will encourage more local residents, visitors and staff of local businesses into the town centre. This is why as a firm we have invested so much time and effort into Vision Stockport who promoted the BID and continue to work to improve Stockport, and into establishing and supporting the BID company.

With so many opportunities being created in Stockport for local businesses, it’s exciting to see what the future has in store.

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