Managing Emotions During the Separation Process

Year Published: 2020

The past few months have been emotionally challenging for many people. However, for couples who are trying to negotiate their way through a marriage breakdown, recent months have been especially difficult. Cheryl Haywood, Associate in the Family Law team, outlines how to prevent strong emotions causing further difficulties during the separation process.

The majority of separating couples are experiencing very strong emotions and this can cause one or both parties to behave out of character. It is common for one or both parties to feel angry, confused, anxious and fearful and all of these feelings combined can create a sense of emotional turmoil.

It is very tempting to let emotions take over; however, once this happens, communication between the parties often becomes more difficult and sometimes non-existent. Once the communication between a separating couple breaks down, it makes it very hard to progress the legal matters amicably and can lead to significant difficulties in attempting to co-parent any children of the marriage.

Dealing with strong emotions can also cloud a party’s judgement and they can behave irrationally, focussing on smaller issues and finding it hard to focus on the bigger picture. This can put a halt to any meaningful discussions about child arrangements, financial matters and the divorce process.

An experienced family solicitor will be able to shift your focus from the emotional impact of the separation to the practical issues that need to be dealt with, such as the division of any matrimonial assets and the arrangements for any children of the marriage. For many people, knowledge is power and having a good understanding of the legal separation process can help them take control of the situation and keep their emotions stable. At SAS Daniels we offer a free half hour initial appointment so you can obtain some initial advice before deciding whether you wish to proceed.

For more information about the separation process or any issues arising from a separation, please contact Cheryl Haywood on 01260 282314 or email [email protected].

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