Recruitment Protect and Solutions

SAS Daniels can provide you with all the support you need when recruiting new members of staff – ensuring a fair and thorough process is carried out in order to avoid the risk of costly legal claims and to ultimately help you to find the right candidate. Please find below a summary of services included… Read more »

Redundancy Rights

If you are faced with a potential redundancy situation, or have just been made redundant, we can advise you on all of your redundancy rights as well as explaining the process your employer should follow. Failure to follow a fair and thorough process could mean you are able to bring a claim in the employment… Read more »

HR Workshops and Training for Education

If you are dealing with a potential disciplinary situation, have an employee on long term sickness or need to make redundancies, the cost of getting this wrong can be very high. Our dedicated Employment Law and HR specialists can develop tailored HR workshops and training for the education sector, aimed to train leaders in different… Read more »

Settlement Agreements and Compromise Agreements

Settlement agreements (previously known as compromise agreements) are an incredibly useful tool which can save time, costs, and stress for any employer. However, as with any legal document they are not without their pitfalls. At SAS Daniels, we can advise you from an early stage to help secure maximum protection for your organisation.  Benefits of… Read more »

Understanding School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions

In order to understand school pay, terms and conditions you need first to identify the employer. The local authority (LA) is the employer in the case of: Community schools; Voluntary controlled schools; Community special schools; Maintained nursery schools. The LA has to comply with the requirements of the governing body, where the latter has specified… Read more »

Employment Law

Woman in Office

Everyone wants to feel encouraged, supported, and secure in their place of work. Unfortunately this may not always be the case and you may face various challenges and difficult situations during your working life. Our team of Employment Law Solicitors can help you understand your rights and guide you through any employment law issue. Our… Read more »

HR Workshops and Training Days

If you are experiencing any HR issues in your business or are looking to make changes, our HR Workshops can help. Our employment law and HR specialists provide bespoke, on-site HR workshops for your management team. Your managers will leave feeling empowered and confident to deal with any future HR problems. Our team can advise you… Read more »