Zoe Worthington

I am a Solicitor in the Family team based in Stockport. I have experience in dealing with all aspects of matrimonial breakdown including: divorce, financial matters and disputes concerning children. I also advise clients in respect of co-habitee disputes and Separation Agreements.  

FAQs: Pension Sharing in Divorce

I am getting divorced after 25 years of marriage. What happens to the pension I have worked all my life for? My wife has not worked; she has just looked after the children. You need to obtain the value of the pension fund, as the court will take into account the pension fund as well… Read more »

Anita Scorah

Anita Scorah,Partner in Family Law at SAS Daniels

I am a Partner in the Family Law team in Macclesfield and have specialised in this area of law for over 17 years, working in both local and city centre law firms. This has given me a breadth of experience and expertise from cases involving high net worth clients to those involving a modest asset… Read more »

Rights and Responsibilities of Unmarried Fathers

It is common for unmarried fathers to not be fully aware of their responsibilities and their legal rights towards their children, particularly when a separation has occurred. We can help you understand exactly where you stand and the legal rights that you have with the aim of establishing contact which is in the best interest… Read more »

Cohabitation Agreements

What are cohabitation agreements? Many unmarried couples often find that they are not entitled to the finances and property which they expected. This is because unmarried couples who are living together do not have the same legal rights as married couples. A cohabitation agreement is one way to try and avoid any problems. What is… Read more »

Legal Rights of Unmarried Couples

Many people choose not to marry and prefer to live together in long term committed relationships. Within the law, this is known as cohabiting couples. It is important for couples to know that the legal rights for cohabiting couples are very different from those for married couples. If a relationship were to breakdown, the different… Read more »

Legally Changing Your Name

At SAS Daniels we can help you the legal side of changing your name. We often find that many people want to change their name and this can be for a number of reasons. If you are over the age of 18, the minimum legal age for changing your name, the changing your name can… Read more »

Grandparents and their Legal Rights

Following a separation or divorce grandparents can often be denied access to see their grandchild. At SAS Daniels we understand that this can be a stressful and traumatic situation and have a wide range of experience in resolving these type of disputes. Our specialist family solicitors can act on your behalf to help restore frequent… Read more »

How much does a Divorce Cost?

Our team of family law solicitors will always put their clients first and deliver the highest quality of legal advice at the most reasonable cost possible. We will discuss any costs at the beginning of your case so that there are no surprises when the bill comes through. We can also discuss funding options with… Read more »

Child Maintenance Agreements

Child maintenance, also known as child support, is a consistent financial payment made towards the everyday living costs of the child and is the responsibility of all parents even if a parent does not have contact with the child. This is often a step taken by parents who have been through Divorce or Separation Agreement… Read more »