Online Consultation for Trusts

Amidst a difficult time, the health and safety of our clients and staff are our priority. We are conscious that it’s not always going to be possible to hold face to face meetings and have therefore introduced advanced technology in order to minimise the risks and avoid unnecessary travel or contact with others. Our Trusts… Read more »

The Pros of Having a Professional Trustee

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Our Trusts team were appointed as a professional trustee under the Will of a client who wanted to ensure that his adult children were appropriately provided for, but taking into account their differing needs and financial positions. They wanted to ensure that there was an impartial trustee with the relevant expertise to ensure that the… Read more »

What to do with a Will with a Trust

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Our Trusts team were approached by executors who had been appointed as trustees of a Trust that was created by the terms of the Will. They had never acted as trustees before and we were able to help explain to them their role, how the trust works, what their powers and duties are and the… Read more »

Variation of Trusts

Situations can change over time and due to either altering family situations or for example a change in the tax rules or legislation, it may become desirable to vary a Trust and its terms. Although the trustees must always try to abide by the settlor’s intentions for the Trust there may be situations where a… Read more »

Change of Trustees

As Trusts can continue for a number of years, it may be necessary along the way for a change of trustees to take place. This may be because: A trustee wishes to volunteer to retire; A trustee has died; A trustee is no longer capable of acting; The beneficiaries want to change the trustees. We… Read more »

Inheritance Tax Planning

Why is inheritance tax planning needed? Inheritance tax is a one-off payment made on the value of your estate when you pass away and can result in a large amount of your estate being lost in tax payments if it’s not structured to maximise any tax reliefs. By structuring your estate in the right way… Read more »

Commencement of Will Trusts

It is common for Trusts to arise under the terms of a Will and therefore the trustees duties will commence once the executors have finished their role. The terms of the Will may have provided for assets to pass to a Trust in a number of circumstances such as: Where there is a second marriage… Read more »

Professional Trusteeship

The role of a trustee involves numerous responsibilities and an overriding duty of care to the beneficiaries. For an individual not used to dealing with Trusts this can be quite a pressure and may lead to mistakes in the administration of the Trust, even if not intentional. By appointing a professional trustee, you will have… Read more »

Personal Injury Trusts

If you received money as a result of a personal injury, which may include compensation, payments from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, critical illness insurance policies or even donations from those wanting to assist you, then you may choose to place this within a Personal Injury Trust. Why set up a Personal Injury Trust? There… Read more »