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Cohabiting? Create an Agreement for Certainty

Between 2008 and 2018, cohabiting couple families continued to grow faster than married or lone parent families overall in the UK, with 25%* more cohabiting compared to the previous decade. If you are currently cohabiting you are not protected by matrimonial laws and you both need to carefully consider protecting any assets you bring into the relationship…. Read more »

A conversation for co-habitees when everything is rosy

Quite often we see clients who choose to live together rather than getting married. The number of couples who are living together has doubled since 1996 and is now approximately 5.9 million, representing a significant 11.7% of the population. In some cases people choose to have a religious ceremony but not a legal ceremony. In… Read more »

Separating Partner Maintenance: Perfect Storm Gathers

The Government should consider an urgent change in maintenance legislation to prevent a collapse of the financial support system for separating unmarried couples. Family lawyers at law firm SAS Daniels LLP says marriage rates are plummeting as more people choose to simply cohabit – which means that the rights of co-habitees in the UK are… Read more »