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Will Covid-19 Risk Non-Performance Under Contract?

There is no doubt that these are challenging and difficult times for all sectors of the economy in the UK and around the globe. So has the outbreak of Covid-19 put you or your business at risk of non-performance under contract? The government is introducing drastic measures in almost every area from public health and… Read more »

Italian sex-slave case has ‘many’ shades of grey

An Italian woman who signed a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ contract promising total sexual and mental submission to her husband, is now divorcing him citing mistreatment after seven years of slavery. The woman signed the explicitly worded contract with her then boyfriend in 2004. They married in 2006 and separated last year. The woman has… Read more »

Sir? Madam? Can I interest you in a protected conversation?

The law around “protected conversations”: This Government, even more than its predecessors, is trying to find ways to reduce the number of Employment Tribunal claims.  It has included within the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill a clause to allow the use of “settlement agreements”.  These are agreements which can be reached after “protected conversations” have… Read more »