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Advanced Dementia: It Might Not Be Too Late To Make A Will

You may be surprised to learn that it is possible for someone with advanced dementia, severe debilitating mental health needs, or even a person in a coma to have a Will made for them. This can be done through a Statutory Will, which is a Will made on behalf of someone who has lost mental… Read more »

The scandal of pensioners’ care costs

‘Hundreds of thousands of pensioners are being deprived of help with the cost of care because of “institutionalised financial abuse”. Campaigners say the system is so confusing and complex, they fear the elderly are given the wrong information to save councils and health authorities £462million a year. SAS Daniels LLP Elderley, Care and Mental Capacity… Read more »

The Court of Protection – expelling the myths

A recent article in the Mail Online “exposing” the apparently secret court that is taking control of people’s assets could not be more inaccurate. Read the full article here. The Court of Protection in some form has been around for decades (and not created by Labour in 2007, as was reported) and its purpose is… Read more »