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COVID-19: Isolation and Domestic Violence Concerns

The home is often seen as a place of safety, but the Greater Manchester’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime made a statement today, sadly but not surprisingly, confirming that they are preparing for an increase in serious domestic violence incidents due to the current Covid-19 UK lockdown. It is expected that new incidents of domestic violence… Read more »

New legislation to protect domestic violence victims.

In June 2014 a new legislation was introduced to enable the police and magistrates court to provide protection to victims following a domestic violence incident. Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs) can be used to provide immediate protection to a victim where there is not enough evidence to charge an alleged perpetrator. These orders provide protection… Read more »

Leave the striking to the players

‘Leave the striking to the players’ and ‘Blow the whistle on domestic abuse’ these are the billboard messages being publicised by Police Forces throughout the UK ahead of and during The World Cup 2014. A study undertaken by Dr Stuart Kirby, of Lancaster University, has identified a significant increase in the reports of domestic violence… Read more »

Clare’s Law, will it help domestic violence?

We have recently seen the introduction of Clare’s Law, a scheme which enables people to find out, from the police, whether or not their partner has any history of domestic violence. The full title of the scheme is “The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme” and it has been launched together with Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPOs),… Read more »

Coronation Street story tackles domestic violence

According to recent statistics, there were two millions victims of domestic abuse in 2011/2012 and no doubt, many other victims too scared even to discuss the problems they were facing. Women are more likely to be victims of domestic abuse but the statistics are surprising in that 7% of women and 5% of men were… Read more »