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Are cohabitees in a weak position?

More couples are living together than ever before. It is estimated that there are nearly three million cohabiting households in Britain. Unfortunately, the law for cohabitees is outdated and on some occasions unfair. The law desperately needs changing and the Co-habitation Rights Bill introduced by Lord Marks, has recently had its second reading in the… Read more »

Mediation: can it really be free?

The Ministry Of Justice has recently announced that some mediation sessions will be funded by the government, but all that is on offer is that separating couples will be offered one free session if one of them is already in receipt of legal aid for help with mediation. In reality though, few cases are resolved… Read more »

Children to be seen and heard

Simon Hughes, the Justice Minister has recently indicated that any child over the age of ten, in respect of whose family Judges are making decisions, will have the opportunity to speak to the Judge to make their views and feelings known. Many people will think that this is a change to the law and separated… Read more »

Dinner Darling?

A recent case, BE v DE [2014], has found that a dinner date between a husband and wife was just that, a dinner date. Whilst at the restaurant the husband produced an agreement during court proceedings several months later, he argued that the date had been ‘without prejudice’ and so could not be referred to… Read more »

Think of the children in a separation

A recent study taken place during November 2013 in conjunction with The Marriage Foundation has found that although the majority of parents are aware that separation and divorce can negatively impact upon children, they do not consider that it impacts upon them or their own children and therefore they do not proactively seek help for… Read more »