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The Impact Of The General Election Result On Landowners And Farmers

I originally wrote this blog in May when the Conservative Party had a 20 point lead in the polls and everyone expected them to be re-elected with an increased majority. At that time it was reasonable to assume that the contents of the Conservative Manifesto would become law. This all seems a very long time… Read more »

Succession Planning For Farmers: Top Tips For Getting Things Right

Helen Gowin, Estate Administration & Probate Partner, looks at succession planning for farmers and gives her top tips for getting things right. A good starting place is to consider the historical structure of the farm, and review who currently manages the finances and how roles are defined. Considering and documenting these aspects will help to outline… Read more »

Heads of Terms: Think Before You Sign

Renewable energy schemes have offered farmers an important and, in the past, profitable way to diversify and protect their income stream in the face of falling prices for traditional farm produce. However, it has become commonplace for some renewable energy developers to pressurise landowners into signing heads of terms before the landowner has received professional… Read more »