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Safeguarding the Hague Convention after Brexit

Concerns have been doing the rounds lately regarding the resolution of cross-border legal disputes post-Brexit. However, it appears The Private International Law (Implementation of Agreements) Bill aims to address this by effectively safeguarding the Hague Convention. What is the Hague Convention? The Hague Convention consists of a series of treaties created with the aim to… Read more »

Child abduction – how can it be prevented?

In figures released by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in December 2013, the number of child abduction cases has doubled in the last 10 years, with on average two children being abducted abroad each day. The reasons are various but involve the increasing numbers of marriages involving people from different countries and cultures and the… Read more »

Disputes over children with an international element

The Hague Convention 1996 on the International Protection of Children came into force in the UK from 01 November 2012. The Convention has uniform rules determining which countries’ authorities are competent to take necessary measures. These rules, which avoid the possibility of conflicting decisions, give the primary responsibility to the authorities of the country where… Read more »