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Disputes concerning children: removal of legal aid

A recent report has shown that the removal of legal aid for disputes concerning children has had a direct effect upon the justice system with a significant rise in the number of people acting without legal representation, known as ‘Litigants in Person’. This has created an adverse impact upon the courts’ administration and efficiency, and… Read more »

Lawyer – Supported Mediation: affordable, legal advice for families

Following the introduction of the Family Court on 22 April 2014 mediation is compulsory for many more married and unmarried couples dealing with separation. The withdrawal of legal aid has left many unable to afford access to legal advice at a time when they need it most. Lawyer–Supported Mediation launched in the Manchester and Stockport… Read more »

Let’s go Dutch! Expert report fees in family disputes

The Supreme Court has made a difficult decision about who should pay the cost of an expert witness in proceedings about children. In order to make a decision about a child’s life and what is in that child’s best interests, the court sometimes requires an expert to provide their opinion in a report. Reports can… Read more »