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Elder Abuse Within Care Home Settings

A care home can undoubtedly be a safe and nurturing environment, reducing the risks and isolation which independent living can bring to more vulnerable elderly people. A good care home should not be judged by its furnishings or décor (although often this can be important to many), but instead by the staff and the quality… Read more »

Choosing A Care Home: A Step By Step Guide

Going into residential care is far from inevitable – statistics show that only 16% of those aged 85 or over live in a residential care setting*. For some it is a freely made choice to enter a residential care setting, bringing peace of mind and a respite from house bound isolation. For others it will… Read more »

Your Guide To A Special Guardianship Order

A Special Guardianship Order is an order made by the court which appoints one or more individuals to act as a child’s ‘special guardian’. It is common for this type of order to be made in favour of a grandparent or other extended family members who step in to care for a child who may… Read more »

Care Homes Are at Risk of Closure

It is never far from headline news that care homes are struggling to make ends meet or that the care industry as a whole is underfunded and at the brink of crisis. Recent research conducted by BBC Radio 4 has made the headlines by stating that a quarter of care homes, registered with the Care… Read more »