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Civil partnership or marriage for same sex couples?

Civil partnership or marriage? Our family team considers the legal differences. Same sex couples have been able to enter civil partnerships since 2005 and marriages since 2014. With the Methodist church voting this year that same sex marriages are to be welcomed, this now allows same sex couples to marry in the Scottish Episcopal Church,… Read more »

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – What Are They and How Do They Work?

A common question raised with me is whether pre-nuptial agreements exist in English law, and more importantly, are they worth the paper they are written on? In short, the answer to both of these questions is yes! A pre-nuptial agreement is a bespoke document drawn up before marriage to state what happens to a couple’s… Read more »

Do You Need A Pre-nuptial Agreement?

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Many brides-to-be rely on a month-by-month checklist starting 12 months in advance of the big day. Such checklists will remind you to book your photographer, wedding cars and honeymoon, and to buy your wedding dress, flowers and wedding rings. However, very few (if any) prompt you to look into… Read more »

Cohabitation Vs Marriage: If You Like It Put A Ring On It

Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics shows an increase in the number of people cohabiting from 6.8% in 2002 to 9.5% in 2015. Cohabitation has now become an alternative to marriage, especially for the younger generation. There could be numerous reasons for people living together rather than being married perhaps the expense of… Read more »

Common Law Marriage Rights: The Common Misconception

In my experience many couples believe that if they live together for some time they are in a common law marriage with the same rights as if they were legally married. This is false as common law marriage has not existed since 1753. In reality cohabitants living together outside marriage are treated in law as… Read more »

Separating parents: putting your children’s needs first

It was recently announced that Manchester-based actor and comedian John Thomson is separating from his wife after 10 years of marriage. The ex-couple who have two children have declared their intentions to remain friends and co-parent their daughters. Publicly declaring such intentions is a good start to any future care arrangements for your children. However, in… Read more »

Hands off my Steinway!

This week in the high court Justice Holman, a judge in the family division, heard a battle between American lawyer Richard Fields, 59 and his fifth wife Ekaterina Parfenova, the former 42 year old beauty queen. They have been married 10 years and are arguing over his multi-million pound assets, in particular his Steinway baby… Read more »

Changes to family law

Having had its first reading earlier in the year, The Divorce (Financial Provisions) Bill introduced by Lady Deech received its second reading in the House of Lords last week. The bill seeks to reform the law relating to financial provisions on divorce amending The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 with many peers speaking positively about the… Read more »

Transfer of property on death: it may not pass to your co-owner!

There are two ways of owning property and land in the UK for co-owners. Both use words that are commonly connected with landlords and tenants but that is misleading as it suggests such a relationship when none exists. The two ways are: Tenants in Common (TIC) Forgetting the landlord and tenant issue, one way of… Read more »