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Family-friendly Working Policies Post-Covid

Will the COVID-19 pandemic result in family-friendly  working policies? It has been widely reported in the media that the COVID-19 pandemic has had much more of an impact on women than men in relation to caring responsibilities and employment inequalities. The United Nations has reported that the impact of the economic shock which disproportionately affects… Read more »

Shared Parental Leave: further addition to family-friendly rights

A future Labour government would double the amount of paid paternity leave available to new fathers from two to four weeks, Ed Miliband has announced. The Labour leader has also pledged to increase statutory paternity pay by more than £120 a week to £260 a week. But what are new fathers currently entitled to? And… Read more »

Fathers to be entitled to 6 months’ paternity leave

Government to announce plans to allow new dads to take more time off while their baby’s mother returns to work Fathers will be able to take up to six months’ paternity leave while their child’s mother returns to work, under government proposals due to be announced later today. Ministers are expected to say that fathers… Read more »