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What are the Benefits of a Good Occupational Health Report?

Sickness absence can be extremely expensive, potentially disruptive and can have a significant impact on the productivity and welfare of colleagues due to increased workloads. A good Occupational Health (“OH”) specialist can be the key for the effective absence management to the benefit of the employer and, often the employee. What should you expect from… Read more »

A Teacher’s Responsibilities v Childcare Requirements: Who Wins?

This issue of balancing childcare requirements with a teacher’s responsibilities seems to crop up more and more these days in schools, colleges and academies across the country. The recent case of Bradley v London School of English & Foreign Languages has highlighted the questions of what policies should be in place? Can these be challenged… Read more »

SATs Results: The 2016 National Picture

This year there has been a lot of talk, within the education sector, about SATs having changed for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way. This has been reflected in this year’s SATs results. The teachers’ unions have argued that there is a need to take the tests out of the hands of government ministers. But… Read more »